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Issue 33: From the Editor

Greetings and welcome to another issue of KL! Like studious squirrels, we’re feverishly working to get you all through the long winter and kiting off-season with good kite content… Perhaps some of you are lucky enough to be ice skiing or in some other way taking advantage of Old Man Winter, but here in Portland […]

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Issue 33: AKA Corner

Over the past two weeks, I’ve sent emails to over 1000 former members of the AKA with a short survey to try and get some better information on why people fail to renew. Of course, we get the usual answers that we expect — not enough activity in my area (Central Utah), no attention to […]

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Issue 33: Dave’s World

For we kitefliers, the name Dieppe brings to mind a huge international festival sparkling with color, innovative designs, and warm friendships. But at the edge of the field, un-noticed by many kiters stands a memorial to a much different Dieppe. On a similar cloudy morning 60 years ago, six thousand Allied troops waded ashore at […]

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Issue 33: Team Tirades: Consistency

This short edition is devoted to some of the ways a team can become more precise and consistent, while lowering overall stress… I’ve elected to keep this one simple to the point. Spacing You’ll most often find that good spacing will often alleviate other problems and make practice time more gratifying… Spacing is affected primarily […]

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Issue 33: Ray’s Adventures

Wow!! What a great way to end my kite season but with two awesome world class International kite festivals… It was a great pleasure for me to be once again fully sponsored to Marseille for the Fete du Vent festival, 28 counties were participating from every corner of this planet, most I had met at […]

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Issue 33: What’s it all about anyway?

For years I’ve watched kiting ebb and flow with the economy and those who come and go as their lives change… Sort of like roadside cafe, there are still a lot of regulars and ever so many just passing through. Now, looking at our relatively small group as a whole I have to ask… What’s […]

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Issue 33: Kite Photography With A Digital Camera

If you visit the website at the end of this article you can view over 800 pictures of kites and kite related activities. The electronic age has brought to us a couple of great inventions for sharing pictures of whatever subject we choose: the Internet and digital cameras. No longer are we slaves to the […]

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Issue 33: Essex Kite Flyers Club

The club was unofficially started about 4 or 5 years ago by our current chairman Rick Longhurst. I joined the group a little over a year ago. Since that time we decided to have a charity fly for the “Make-A-Wish Foundation of Southwestern Ontario“. On January 1st, 2003 we made it official and became a […]

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Issue 33: Blowin’ in the Wind

Well, here we are back again – talkin’ about kites and other stuff that puts grins on our faces… Since this IS Kitelife e-mag though, I guess we’d better just stick to our “kiting” focus. Last time we heard from our pal Rum, down in Texas , he’d sent a copy of an email he’d […]

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Issue 33: Hanging by a Thread

Craig Wilson, Madison photographer and kite flier will open a new show of his work, called HANGING BY A THREAD; a kite’s view. Craig uses large kites to lift radio controlled cameras for very unique views of the world. This presentation will open November 7, 2003 and run through April 16, 2004 at the EAA […]

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