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Issue 39: From the Editor

Coming ‘atcha! Welcome back for our latest issue of Kitelife… We keep trying to raise the bar with our content, and have been really proud of the changes we’ve implemented since I assumed ownership way back in July of 2003!  Nearly a year and a half later, we’ve increased our content several times over and expanded […]

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Issue 39: AKA Corner

Most of you know by now that we’ll be hosting the World Sport Kite Championships here in the States next June. That’s great news for American Sport Kiting. After three successful years in France, culminating with 18 teams last year, we’re on a solid roll. Five sites were solicited and two replied with proposals. I […]

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Issue 39: Dave’s World

Fifteen years ago, on my first trip to Japan, Susan and I were privileged to participate briefly in the annual Hammamatsu Kite Festival. For over 400 years, neighborhoods have gathered in May to challenge each other with large, rectangular fighting kites. The teams are supported by flags, cheerleaders, marching bands and assorted hangers-on as they […]

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Issue 39: 2004 Spirit of Kiting Award (KSOK)

For the first time ever, we at Kitelife felt it important to create a special award to recognize one kite flier each year for their ongoing contributions to the kite community and most of all, for their unique spirit and effect on the kiting community at large… Their “Spirit of Kiting”. It is our hope […]

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Issue 39: Letters to the Editor

We don’t hear from our visitors HARDLY enough, and are always thrilled to post comments when we get them… It’s your feedback that helps us streamline, and gives us additional insight into what we do here. I couldn’t begin to express how important your comments are, and I’d like to personally invite each and every […]

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Issue 39: ProFile: Dodd Gross

Back when I started flying in the early 90s, Dodd Gross already had a couple of competition seasons under his belt… Coming up through Experienced Class together in 1992, Dodd was one of those guys who I really enjoyed flying against. He was right in the middle of the sport’s evolution into tricks and slack […]

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Issue 39: Ben Franklin Project (part 2)

After collecting all my “evidence” about Franklin’s claimed Electric Kite Flight (see Part 1 – Kitelife issue #38) I decide that I would enlist the help of kitefliers throughout the Midwest to “investigate” my skepticism and doubts concerning Franklin’s claim of the 1752 kite flight. In January of this year I begin what I have […]

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Issue 39: ProFile with Barry “Bazzer” Poulter

One our favorite characters in kiting may be best known for his very colorful personality and incredibly intricate “celtic knot” style appliqued kites and photopolymer stamps which are quite handy for marking your raffle tickets… Hailing from the Northwest, Barry “Bazzer” Poulter is a dedicated regular at most of the events throughout Oregon and Washington […]

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Issue 39: Milking the Breeze

Now to touch on one of the most challenging aspects of kite flying, light or non-existent wind!  With lighter kites than we’ve ever had before, the only thing that stands in the way of flying are a few straightforward techniques and a bit of practice. This article is targeted more so towards the beginner or […]

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Issue 39: ProFile with El Fabuloso Team

Reading up on the 2004 World Team Championships in Berck sur Mer and talking with other attendees from the event, we had heard about a brand new team from Argentina… After doing a bit of research, I found their web site and was intrigued!  In a country where sport kiting is relatively new, El Fabuloso […]

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