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Issue 36: From the Editor

Hello my friends, issue 36 is off and running! We’ve gone out of our way to bring it to you jam-packed with personal, touching experiences from various people in kiting… With so much on our plates these days, our chosen past time seems to be among those most able to provide profound release, both artistically […]

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Issue 36: AKA Corner

By now, most of you know that AKA has seen significant changes in our insurance benefits in the past month. Providing insurance that protects local events and secures festival permits is a top priority of the Association. On April 30, 2004, the policy coverage with St. Paul expired. This included individual liability for members whenever […]

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Issue 36: Dave’s World

Kites On Ice ….. Every time Susie and I step off the airplane in Madison Wisconsin and that rush of cold air hits us in the face, we look at each other and wonder aloud — what on earth are we doing here when we could be warm and safe back in Oregon?? KOI is […]

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Issue 36: As Good as They Come

Most kite fliers know about the Internet-based Kite Classified Page (link at end of article) but very few know the face and the story behind the web site, who runs it, why and what their affiliation is with kiting. All that is about to change. Meet Charly Whitaker. About as unassuming a man as you’ll ever […]

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Issue 36: Quad Winder Design by Doug Rounding

Being fairly new to quad line flying, I came real close to calling it quits after spending over 3/4 of an hour untangling a set of lines. I thought that after the original untangling that it was over – WRONG. Although the second time wasn’t as bad, it still was frustrating to have to spend […]

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Issue 36: Magic at Ocean Beach

What it is about certain people who magically promote happiness into your soul and even alter your life for the better? These individuals lurk in abundance and many are unaware of their own talents. My personal experience with one delightful individual was fully instrumental in getting me enthused about kite flying clear to the point […]

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Issue 36: Re-discovering Kite Flying by Jorge Arellano

It was just the end of holidays, June 2004 to be exact. It seemed that nothing could bring a good start for the year; naturally I’m speaking about hobbies. I didn’t want to go back to the old train layout planning that I had been postponing for a while. So I took a trip to […]

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Issue 36: Kite Surfing

Setting off an explosion of industry-specific vacations, schools and resorts worldwide, kite surfing is officially one of the fastest growing sports in the world… It’s popularity was helped along by Cory Roeseler from the U.S.A. circa 1993, he designed the kiteski; allowing re-launching from the water using a flat kite with carbon spars and a […]

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Issue 36: Spirit of Kiting (KSOK)

KiteLife is pleased to announce the creation of the “Spirit of Kiting Award” (KSOK) for the year 2004, and hopefully for many years to come. This announcement is being made to solicit nominees for the 2004 KSOK award. The purpose of the “Spirit of Kiting Award” is to recognize, honor and reward those individuals who […]

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Issue 36: Kite Reviews

NEWS FLASH ­ FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE!!! To the General Public: Okay folks, the KITELIFE KITE REVIEW TEAM is open for business.  We are actively soliciting kites to test and review.  We’d prefer to test and review new kites directly from the manufacturer. Why? Because we’ll only review “production” kites in new, unmodified condition – and […]

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