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Issue 38: From the Editor

Hello and welcome back for issue 38 of Kitelife! We’re especially proud of this month’s content, featuring three interviews with well known kite specialists and some very in depth articles on making kites and about some of the history of kiting. I’ll be in Taipei, Taiwan as this issue hits the web, and you can […]

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Issue 38: AKA Corner

Its Convention time again! In just a few weeks, AKA members from around the country, the continent, and the world will convene in Seaside Oregon for one of the best kite events on the calendar. Think of it like a combination of your favorite kite events. If you like Fort Worden or the Maryland Kite […]

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Issue 38: Dave’s World

We’ve got a seven hour lay-over in Frankfurt. That’s time enough to check email again, upload the Update, and beg for an upgrade…. By dawn, we’ll be over South Africa and headed for Cape Town. Dieppe was a real pleasure this year. Being a tourist instead of a formal guest gave Susie and I a […]

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Issue 38: Letters to the Editor

Having been a part of the greater kiting family for so long now, I always love to hear from our readers… Both praise and critique, your input and suggestions help to make us a better publication and kiting resource! While surprisingly enough we don’t often hear from you, it’s very encouraging when we do… If […]

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Issue 38: ProFile with the Bay Area Sundowners

When I started flying in August of 1990, I stumbled into my first kite festival on the Marina Green in San Francisco… After wandering down the field with stars in my eyes I came across the Bay Area Sundowners flying their trademark 12 stacks of Hyperkites. As a complete neophyte, they welcomed me with a […]

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Issue 38: Ben Franklin’s Electric Kite – Part 1

To many kitefliers and to the rest of the non-flying world Benjamin Franklin is considered “The Worlds Most Famous Kiteflier” all because of his Electric Kite Experiment in 1752. My initial “serious” encounter with Franklin and his kiteflying came in January of this year when I began looking for a picture of Franklin flying his […]

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Issue 38: ProFile with Carl Bragiel

I met Carl for the first time a couple years ago at the 2003 Crescent City Kite Festival, and was quite impressed with his style… An easy going gentleman, he’s one of those guys you might not take notice of until you actually see him flying. With his three trademark black, white and grey kites […]

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Issue 38: Under a Blue Moon

Flying kites and the idea of flying with friends has a major appeal to me. I grew up on a farm in Oklahoma, an only child; my only friend was a tumbleweed, and so solitary pursuits like kite flying worked for me. As an adult with grown children and a couple of grandchildren, I rediscovered […]

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(photo by Linda Riddle)

Issue 38: ProFile with Cristoph Riddle

I first had the pleasure of meeting Christoph at the Berkeley Kite Festival in 2003… 14 at the time, he was switching back and forth etween his buggy and land board, handling the big Berkeley winds with ease. While he’s not a particularly outspoken individual, his style and big air jumps had people entranced throughout […]

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Issue 38: Bruce Lambert’s Tips – Adjusting a fighter kite for optimum performance!

Here’s the goal or objective for adjusting a fighter kite: Adjust the kite so its flight characteristics match, as close as possible, the flyer’s preferences for flight characteristics. NOTE: I define ‘optimum flight performance’ as… the kite performs according to the flyer’s preferred flight characteristics. There is no ‘correct’ or ‘right’ set of flight characteristics; […]

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