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Issue 38: Tangler Fighter Kite Plans

Specifications   The following method of building a fighter kite works really well for me; it doesn’t require special skills and is reasonably quick, about 2 hours to make a kite. Obviously there are many building methods that result in successful fighter kites, this particular method has worked very well for me for several years […]

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Issue 38: “No Secrets” Trains Pt. 2

When I wrote the original No Secrets Handbook of Kite Trains back in 1990 (and the original Trains article in the Jan/Feb ’99 issue of Kitelife) I included in the back of the booklet, diagrams of my favorite kite trains as shown in Eiji Ohasi’s excellent book “Kite Trains Making” published in 1981. Sorry to […]

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Issue 38: Environmental Protection

Environmental pollution is a growing concern worldwide, alternative energy sources and clean up efforts are more important than ever… Dr. Devinder Pal Singh Sehgal is one of those who are actively trying to make a difference, both through media and grass roots efforts in his home country of India. Environmental state of affairs: Industrialization and […]

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Issue 38: Washington State International Kite Festival

For years I had heard all about WSIKF, but never made it having been a sport kite competitor for the first 10+ years I’ve been flying… There always seemed to be a competition happening right around the same time, so it wasn’t in the cards. Now I wonder why! My first WSIKF was an incredible […]

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Issue 38: Washington State International Kite Festival (results)

People’s Choice Flier Neil Dawson Dick Curran Ronda Brewer People’s Choice Kite Eric Wilson Pink Flamingo Black & White Cat Kite Trains Most beautiful Cliff Pennell’s Junk Yard train Longest John & Carol Vrolson 300-kite Trash Bag train Most unique Tom Tinney’s Miniature Diamonds   Kite Arches Most beautiful Georgean Curran’s Marbled Arch Most Unique […]

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Issue 38: Yaripa Kite Festival

It was good to be back. Ada and I have been in Colombia before, two years ago. What changed? Not too much. The people are still very friendly to us. The country still looks great and the nature is spectacular! Even more so when you come from the Netherlands , like we do. Everything higher […]

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Issue 38: Berkeley Kite Festival

Having first picked up a kite in the bay area, I always make a point to attend the BKF whenever possible… The first kite I ever owned was purchased in 1990 from the organizer of this incredible event, Tom McAlister of Highline Kites! Established in 1986 or 1987, depending on who you ask, this years […]

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Issue 38: Southern Oregon Kite Festival

It happens every summer; for 2 days in July and for the past 12 years, Brookings is everything you’d ever want a kite festival to be. Except for one thing — it NEVER lasts long enough! They could make it a week-long event and I’d STILL start missing it the minute I climb into the […]

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Issue 38: Fighter Kite World Cup

The Call went out to all fighter kite fliers to meet at the 2004 Washington State International Kite Festival in Long Beach, WA., for a week full of fighter events, including the 4th Annual Line Touch Fighter Kite World Cup Championships hosted by NAFKA, the North American Fighter Kite Association. The WC (World Cup) is […]

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Issue 38: Cleveland Kite Festival

Kitefliers from all across the Midwest gathered on September 11-12 for the Cleveland Kite Festival in Cleveland, on the Ohio Lakefront. No one ever mentions what “Edition” this festival would be, but the kitefliers from the Ohio Society for the Elevation of Kites (O.S.E.K.) have been flying at Edgewater park since around 1977 , the […]

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