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Issue 40: Team Tirades (manuevers)

One of the goals of any serious team is to create a maneuver that is unique to their team. Inventing a totally unique maneuver takes experience, a lot of practice and a through understanding of what your kites and your team members are capable of doing in the air! In 1994 I was flying team […]

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Issue 40: Milking the Breeze (part 2)

This follow-up article brings us back to the subject of light wind flying techniques, except this time we’ll address how we apply them to your quad line kite! One might imagine that flying a quad line kite in such conditions is harder than doing it with your dual line, but this is not really true… […]

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Issue 40: Empty Spaces: Merv Cooper

The kite community lost a good friend this Christmas… Dr. Mervin Cooper, longtime treasurer/event organizer of the Toronto Kite Fliers, passed away at the age of 61 on Friday, December 24th from a severe cardiac arrest. Merv is survived by his loving wife Rovena and his son David. Merv Cooper had been involved in kiting […]

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Issue 40: 3rd International Goa Kite Carnival

We’d been gearing ourselves to hold the 3rd Goa Kite Carnival towards the third week of January 2005 when out of the blue, about the last week of October, we got an invitation from Goa to hold it instead on the weekend of 10-12 Dec 2004! “Six weeks to organize an International Kite Festival?” I […]

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Issue 40: Wind Party in Buenos Aires

Every now and then, some concept or idea comes along and just “smacks” you between the eyes… and it even happens here at Kitelife, occasionally. Read on, and you’ll see! We received a “Kite Festival Report” from Gustavo Di Si, down in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At first, the report seemed kind of minimal – in […]

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Issue 40: Contours in Utah

In October 2004, the famed Australian kite maker Robert Brasington visited Utah for the first time. Even though he had never seen the Great Salt Lake before, Brasington already knew a lot about some of its inhabitants and visitors—the birds. As part of a commission by Brolly Arts, funded in part by the Drachen Foundation, […]

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Issue 40: Newport’s First Night 2005

The event was held on Dec, 31st in a new venue for indoor kite flying in the City of Newport, RI. It was coordinated by High Flyers Flight Company as part of Newport’s First Night 2005. The organizers had offered Thompson Middle School, adjacent to City Hall and recently refurbished within the past year, as […]

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Issue 40: 3rd Intl Goa Kite Carnival (gallery)

Photos by Jose Sainz

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