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Issue 41: From the Editor

Welcome to the 41st issue of Kitelife Magazine, almost exactly seven years after our first edition hit the world wide web in April of 1998… We’re still right here with you, shaking last year’s sand out of our kite bags and gearing up for another amazing season of kite flying and crazy adventures, both here […]

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Issue 41: AKA Corner

Proclaim that April is National Kite Month and Win Big! Kite Month is coming and we’re announcing the biggest prize ever!! All you have to do to enter is get your local government to officially proclaim April as Kite Month. So call your city, county, school district, park department, borough, or library district. A sample […]

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Issue 41: Dave’s World

Somewhere on the 15 hour journey to Guam, I pondered what on earth I may have gotten myself into. I mean, here I was going about as far as a guy could possibly go and still be in the United States. The whole thing had been pulled together in six short weeks. I was headed […]

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Issue 41: Letters to the Editor

We don’t hear from our visitors HARDLY enough, and are always thrilled to post comments when we get them… It’s your feedback that helps us streamline, and gives us additional insight into what we do here. I couldn’t begin to express how important your comments are, and I’d like to personally invite each and every […]

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Issue 41: The Cuban Experience

Kiting is truly a passion! You know, every now and then Kitelife runs across a story that just plain grabs your heart and won’t let go… Well, we’re going to share this one with you, and surely hope it touches your hearts in the same way! Click here for Spanish Chasque aquí para el español […]

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Issue 41: The Cuban Experience (Espanol – Vivencia Cubana)

Las cometas son verdaderamente una pasión! Ustedes saben, de vez en cuando Kitelife va detrás de alguna historia de esas que atrapan el corazón y no lo dejan ir… Bien, vamos a compartir con ustedes esta historia, esperando que les llegue al corazón de esa manera! Chasque aquí para el inglés Click here for English […]

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Issue 41: ProFile with Bob Childs

We got to talking around the Kitelife office, discussing those areas of kiting that we haven’t focused on recently… You know – those “power” guys, and some folks in other countries, and the Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) aficionados, and also some of kiting’s “historical” figures too! Anyway, Bob Childs’ name came up in our discussions, […]

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Issue 41: Judging with Hans

Warning – A word of warning to begin with, this is not a recipe for judging! It is just my analysis of my way of judging. Of course I hope other judges, either beginning or experienced might benefit. Precision The technical routine first, because it makes it easier to explain how I work, then on […]

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Issue 41: Team Tirades (maneuvers 2)

In the last issue of Kitelife, I discussed modifying an existing maneuver from another team to suit your own team’s skills. This next maneuver follows that same line of reasoning. In 1995 the Chicago Fire as a four person team flew a very interesting maneuver that showed the kites as a diamond formation. This diamond, […]

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Issue 41: ProFile with Dan Whitney

Dan Whitney has likely befriended more kiters than any other retailer alive if you take into account not only his retail work, but all the folks he’s met at festivals and other events around the country… So anyway, Kitelife has been actively searching for interesting Kite Photography for our pages, and Dan Whitney has kept […]

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