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Issue 43: From the Editor

Wow, what a full season it’s been! Kitelife has been represented at nearly a dozen festivals and competitions this year, making new friends, interacting with the spectators, and doing what we can to get more people working together toward common goals, and most importantly… Reminding people of the inherent potential that kiting has to offer, […]

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Issue 43: AKA Corner

Since the demise of the publication, Kite Lines, the kiting community has been without an organization that tracks kite world record attempts, sets criteria, verifies and lists kite record attempts. Earlier this year, AKA agreed to step up and fill the void. The AKA Kite Records Committee will document and authenticate kite records submitted to […]

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Issue 43: Dave’s World

Three years ago, I took Susie on a quick holiday to Istanbul. It was a city I’d dreamed of seeing and I couldn’t imagine a kite event there so simply decided to go. Guess that goes to show you. Kites are everywhere, and there is no place there aren’t enthused people promoting them. So when […]

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Issue 43: Letters to the Editor

We don’t hear from our visitors HARDLY enough, and are always thrilled to post comments when we get them… It’s your feedback that helps us streamline, and gives us additional insight into what we do here. I couldn’t begin to express how important your comments are, and I’d like to personally invite each and every […]

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Issue 43: ProFile with Cutting Edge

I’d never done a face to face interview before, and who better to start with than the 2005 World Champions Team Cutting Edge? For the previous 11 years, the World Championships have gone to European teams, proving themselves dominant in the sport of team flying… However, the members of Cutting Edge had their palates teased […]

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Issue 43: Tangents w/out Trivia

I’m sure that you have all heard many people talk about the “Power of Positive Thinking.” Not a new idea really! Over 150 years ago Ralph Waldo Emerson spoke of it in his writing, ” …a law determines all phenomena… That law, when in the mind, is an idea.” Neville Goddard, an early 20th century […]

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Issue 43: Mega Flag Experience

Walking inside the Mega Flag is an absolutely remarkable feeling. The light filters down in waves of red, white, and blue. The fabric rustles as the air begins to fill the enourmous chamber. And as the long through-cords begin to lift the floor slightly off the ground, you begin to feel like you are actually […]

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Issue 43: ProFile with Brian Champie

I first met Brian Champie at Kite Party #1 in Huntington Beach.  This big Teddy-Bear of a man seemed like an especially nice guy, though a little quiet and even a bit shy.  It was only afterwards that I discovered that Brian was really one of the “forces” behind the scenes in many facets of […]

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Issue 43: A Day in the Power Zone

As a long time sport kite participant, I’ve been around all kinds of kiting activities including power and traction flying… However, my prime love of traditional sport kiting has always taken priority and I never really seemed to find the time to spend aboard a buggy or board. In early 1994 I attended the first […]

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Issue 43: ProFile with John Chilese

I first ran across John Chilese’s name as a result of a Google-search… I’d been flying SLKs and dualies on my own for years, but was finally getting interested in “organized” kiting… Time to find out what was on the net having to do with kites. Of course, I’d no idea that the ENTIRE WORLD […]

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