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Issue 43: REVisions… Why Not?

If you are somewhat new to Revolution flying (or, you don’t get out very much with others), you will eventually come across someone’s handles that have multiple knots on the tie points of the handles. At first glance it may look a little pointless, but, with those knots, you can adjust for specific types of […]

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Issue 43: World Sport Kite Championships

All right… We’ve just come through the first KITING World Championship event held in the USA in quite a while. Yep, the World Sport Kite Championships (or WSKC) went off without a hitch, running from the 21st to the 24th of June, in Lincoln City, Oregon, USA. Many Kudos to all concerned, and a HUGE […]

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weifang_day4 (17)

Issue 43: Weifang Kite Festival

A Journey to the Far East… Kelly Reed, Adam Siens, Hans Jansen Op De Haar, and I (Troy Gunn) attended the 22nd Annual Weifang International Kite Festival and 1st World Kite Competition April 19-24, 2005 in Weifang, China by invitation from Mr. Liu Zhiping of the The Weifang International Kite Festival Executive Committee and the […]

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Another early morning shot

Issue 43: Berck sur Mer Intl Kite Festival

Wow!! What have I done to deserve 5 full sponsored weeks in France and Italy? The 19th International Meeting of Kites in Berck Sur Mer and then to the 25th Cervia International Kite festival in Italy, both premier international kite festivals that are held in Europe, and I have been lucky to have been fully […]

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Issue 43: Wind Dancers Sky Dazzle

Yeah! It was time for another competition! The Wind Dancers Sky Dazzle kite festival was to being held in Seaside, OR on the weekend of May 21- May 22, 2005. On Friday, I patiently waited at work watching, the clock until I was able to make my escape. Team TKS Mid-Air was excited after our […]

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Issue 43: !Traditions! Wind Festival

During our kiting life, we have been lucky enough to attend literally hundreds of events around the World and every one is a little special its own unique way. One of the more recent ones we have been to is the !Traditions! Wind Festival, near Albuquerque, New Mexico. This was the third consecutive year that […]

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Issue 43: San Ramon Wind and Arts Festival

This year marked my third trip to the San Ramon Winds and Art Festival. Always occurring on Memorial Day weekend, this year’s event took place May 29- May 30. Before I even get started talking about this great event, I want to extend a hearty thank you to Brian Champie. Brian is “The Man” when […]

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Issue 43: Northwest Stunt Kite Championships

What better way is there to finish off a week of team competition down in Lincoln City Oregon than to come up to Long Beach Washington and have another one of our seasonal Northwest Sport Kite League competitions. Generally in years past the weather has not been that great, and a couple times we were […]

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Issue 43: Southern Oregon Kite Festival

Despite a few organizational changes within the Port of Brookings, and false rumors that the festival might not even take place this year, the 13th annual Southern Oregon Kite Festival (also known simply as “Brookings”) went off beautifully and brought yet another great kite event to the Southern Oregon coast. Most of us arrived on […]

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Issue 43: Westport Windriders Festival

After this weekend, there will only be one competition left in the competition year and everyone is vying for a spot at nationals and for the coveted blue jacket that every flyer goes after for each discipline. This is the time when even the smallest mistake can mess up your whole year of flying perfect […]

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