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Photo by Todd Rudolph

Issue 44: From the Editor

Welcome to our latest issue, it’s been a crazy past few weeks with so much happening in the closing months of the season… Festivals, competitions and fun flies nearly every weekend in September have kept the staff here at Kitelife very busy indeed! I make a concerted effort to attend as many events as possible […]

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Issue 44: AKA Corner

By the time you read this, AKA will have announced election results. Mail ballots are sent to our 4500 members and usually, about a quarter of the membership votes. Each year we select a President, an Executive Committee of 7 members, and one-third of our 13 Regional Directors. RD elections are staggered three-year terms to […]

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Issue 44: Dave’s World: Eight Days in Deippe

We’ve been receiving cards and calls from friends around the world. “What happened??” they ask. “Are you and Susan ok??” Yes were fine, thank you. We’re not in a Canadian jail, or lost in an airline crash, or kidnapped by anti-kite extremists. I simply couldn’t access the FTP server to upload an update last week. […]

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Issue 44: Dave’s World: Korean Festival of Peace

We had come to Korea to promote peace, harmony, and reunification. That’s a tall order for a country and a culture divided for over fifty years. Yet, as fliers from around the globe gathered on the field north of Seoul, we realized we were a mere mile away from the demilitarized zone. If we let […]

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Issue 44: Letters to the Editor

We don’t hear from our visitors HARDLY enough, and are always thrilled to post comments when we get them… It’s your feedback that helps us streamline, and gives us additional insight into what we do here. I couldn’t begin to express how important your comments are, and I’d like to personally invite each and every […]

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Issue 44: ProFile with Otto Vossen

Amidst my travels to India, Malaysia and Taiwan last year I kept bumping into one of the most enjoyable and personable kite people I’d ever met… Otto turned up everywhere, displaying his unique hand made kites and seemed to share a real feeling of good will and equality everywhere, with every group we came in […]

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Inchi vliegend India

Issue 44: Otto’s Creations

Amy The joy of seeing someone else enjoying, might be the life motto of Amy. Amy is a professional restaurant manager, who runs two restaurants just a bit outside of Taipei. At the same time she loves cooking, but for all, she loves to see how other people enjoy, what she has been cooking or […]

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Issue 44: Weight Basics and Control

Recently in the world of dual line stunt kites, to weight or not to weight, this seems to be the question. Or perhaps more accurately, where and how to weight is the question. It wasn’t very long ago that just being able to do an axel made you a radical stunt flyer, but have you […]

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Issue 44: ProFile with Gayle Woodul

One of our favorite kite personalities, this fiery Texan has proven she’s a force to be reckoned with by venturing into nearly every aspect of kiting at one time or another including team flying, individual competition, large inflatables, kite making, traction kiting and more, as well as tackling all kinds of roles and volunteer positions […]

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Issue 44: REVisions: Beyond the Basics

For more summers than not over the last 8 years, my life at WSIKF (link) has been spent doing two things. Having a lot of fun, and helping teach people how to fly Revolutions (which is also a lot of fun). On any given day, I’ll run across all levels of flyers, from people who […]

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