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Issue 44: Tangents w/out Trivia

Quite a few people have talked about the decline of participants in our hobby and sport of Kite Flying over the last few years! Some blame the drop in attendance on too many rules, some place the blame on not enough rules. Many fliers want to have more of a fun experience. While other want […]

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Issue 44: Empty Spaces: Betty Hirschmann

It is with very heavy heart that I announce the passing of Betty Hirschmann from Ovarian Cancer on August 7. Scott E. Spencer was at her side through the entire illness, giving her the love, care and support she needed to make it through the many hard days. This was a selfless woman, a good […]

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Issue 44: Review of Airbow

Specifications Manufacturer: Benson Kites Model: Airbow Wingspan: 2.15 meters / 7.05 feet Weight: 230 grams / 8.25 ozs. Type of kite: Quadline kite with secret Dual leanings Materials: Custom Skyshark 8P, 4mm carbon rod and tube, Icarex Source for test kite:Benson Kites When I picture a Benson kite, a few things come to mind. Visually […]

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Issue 44: Summer Heat

It’s the start of the new season. The boards are clear and everyone is starting over. Some are in a different class moving up to experienced, and some are taking slack for not moving up to masters. We had about a three week vacation between Steveston and this weekend which was time for some people […]

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Issue 44: Berkeley Kite Festival

As one of the original hot beds of sport kiting, Berkeley has been host to many of the finest competitors and performers in the world… With the climate of sport kiting having changed so drastically over the last decade, the Berkeley Kite Festival (BKF) and Bay Area Sport Kite League (BASKL) are apparently still dedicated […]

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Issue 44: Washington State Intl Kite Festival

Coming straight off the Summer Heat sport kite competition further north in Ocean Shores, I rode down to Long Beach with my good friend David Hathaway late on Sunday afternoon… Unlike last year when I was part of the invited guest Team TKO and was doing daily updates to Kitelife, this year would have me […]

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Issue 44: Buenos Aires Children Day

On Saturday August 6th, children day was held in Buenos Aires – Argentina. “Alto Vuelo” kite factory, “BATOCO” and the “Secretaría de Cultura Deportes y Turismo de la Municipalidad de Vicente López”, join their efforts in order to organize an special kite festival. The purpose of this event was to honor those who make our […]

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Issue 44: Steveston SKC

It’s our one trip up and over the border to our Canadian friends for the last competition of the season. This is where those fliers who have been fighting for blue jackets will know whether or not they knocked out the person in first or if they stay back and have to wait yet another […]

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Issue 44: Cleveland Kite Festival

No one is really sure exactly how many times the Cleveland kite festival has taken place. This kite fly is held at Edgewater Park in downtown Cleveland, Ohio on the shore of Lake Erie began sometime in the early 1980’s in combination with a local charity. The event was initially a success and the charity […]

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Issue 44: Collingwood Kite Festival

This was my 8th year to Edmonton and just like the Children of the Wind kite festival in Pincher Creek both are uniquely Canadian and very family oriented kite festivals. This festival also coincides with Labour so actually it is a three day kite festival with the 3rd day being a fun fly all the […]

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