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Issue 45: The Original Eddy Kite

Based on the Eddy Kite Patent No. 646, 375 issued on March 27, 1900. Introduction Back in the mid to late 1800’s there was a quest for scientific information about our earth. Obtaining it from anywhere above the surface meant either using hot air balloons or kites. Airplanes were on the horizon, but hadn’t been […]

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Issue 45: Kites for Kabul

For orphaned children in Afghanistan, there is no hope of ever having a true family. Afghan’s judicial system and Afghan family law (which is based on the strict Islamic Shari’s law) both ban adoption in the country. The 24 years of war and poverty in the country have caused over 2 million children to become […]

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Issue 45: Tangents w/out Trivia

Yep, you read that right, a total ban of kite flying, and kite sales by the Supreme Court. BUT it isn’t the US Supreme Court I’m talking about it’s the Supreme Court of Pakistan. There are times when kitefliers in the USA complain about too many restrictions and safety regulations governing our hobby/sport. Much of […]

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Issue 45: Sweet Kite Poetry

Release Breezes riffle soothingly — Through my hair, across my skin. Soft sand beneath my sandaled feet, Warmth that seeps into my bones. Puffy clouds adorn the sky, Glistening sun upon the waves, No limits to the air and sea, Promise of infinity. I smell the salt, and something else. It’s taste, so fresh, so […]

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Issue 45: Flying Nun Kite Plan

I’m not sure exactly how old this kite design is, but I imagine it’s at least as old as Sally Fields’ television sitcom from the sixties. It’s a great kite for kids’ kite making projects, because it requires little real skill to make, and minimal materials and tools. I’ve seen lots of these kites made […]

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Issue 45: Kite Bugs

Someone came up to Ronda at Fort Worden 2001 and said “I found these at a garage sale and thought you could use them”. These, were two tea strainers soldered together and adorned with red, white and blue vinyl tubing, to be worn as glasses to give the wearer a stunning Bug Eyed look. I […]

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Issue 45: Taipei International Kite Festival

Since 2000 Jeanette & I have been fortunate enough to be invited to the Taipei County International Kite Festival, but one way or another circumstances have conspired to prevent us from attending. So it was with great excitement that we were able to accept the invitation to the 2005 event. Now as many of you […]

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Issue 45: Niagara International Kite Festival

The Niagara Festival began on a cold and rainy Friday, October 7th, held through the 9th. Competitors from all over the world lined both sides of the Canadian and American border for a re-enactment of the historic 1848 Homan Walsh kite crossing of the Niagara Gorge. A very quick bit of history is required here. […]

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Issue 45: 18th Annual Carolina Kitefest

The days leading up to the Carolina Kitefest were somewhat unsettling. First the weather called for rain all day Saturday. Then when that forecast went away, the weatherman was calling for 15-20 mph winds. And even on Friday night as the volunteers gathered, the subject of the weather was on everyone’s concern list. But then […]

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Issue 45: Whidbey Island Kite Festival

Fall had set in, marking it time for the Whidbey Island Kite Festival. This is truly a robust festival with single line displays, dual line displays, and hot tricks. It is a very well orchestrated event put on by NWSKL’s very own Marjorie and Allen Taylor. It was with excitement that my team mates, John, […]

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