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Issue 46: Kites vs. Kite Birds

AHMEDABAD — As many as a million kites soared aloft over Indian cities on January 15, 2006 as Hindus celebrated Makar Sankranti, the Day of the Sun. Festivals throughout India featured kite-fighting contests, in which flyers tried to saw through each other’s strings. Celebrity kite-fighters included Sonia Gandhi, president of the ruling Cong-ress Party, and […]

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Issue 46: Wind Party in Buenos Aires

Hi my friends. I’m eager to share with you what happened in the Second Edition of the Wind Party in Buenos Aires, which is gaining importance in our Country, step by step. As you remember, we started this activity in December of 2004. Fortunately, we were able to enjoy it again this year at Children’s […]

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Issue 46: St. Augustine SKC

After a nice long spell of rain it was time for some west coast getaway.The Portland / Vancouver crew headed for Florida by way Texas early on Thursday, meeting up with the Canadian crew by mid-day. As we caught up with each other we found John in a wheel chair where his competition would probably […]

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Issue 46: Dead Bird Buggy Bash

DBBB (Dead Bird Buggy Bash) is an annual event without “organization” or “organizers” (officially) but it is put together by an awesome group of Texas kite fliers. There is a core of Texans that make this trip a great one that I would only miss under great duress, such as a water line bursting under […]

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Issue 46: Windless Festival

For the third year in a row, the NWSKL and World Kite Museum in Long Beach, WA have brought this home-grown indoor festival and competition to another level… Thanks to Scott Davis and those who contribute so much of their time to help make this event happen, as well as to Kay Beusing and the […]

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Issue 46: Review – Deep Space

Specifications Manufacturer: Benson Kites Model: Standard Wingspan: 2.14m (84″) Bridle: Semi-Active Weight: 275g (9.75 oz +15g tail ballast) Type of kite: Freestyle Materials: PC-31 Icarex sail with Skyshark P200 / 5PT frame. Source for test kite: Distributor Available from these fine retailers: Kite Connection The long anticipated design from Tim Benson and Andy Wardley is […]

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Issue 46: Review – Acrobatx

Specifications Manufacturer: Flying Wings Model: Acrobatx Wingspan: 86.5″ Height: 37″ Type of kite: Entry-Level trick kite Materials: 6mm carbon and a Nylon and mylar sail, comes with 80′ of 80lb Dyneema & straps included. Source for test kite: Manufacturer Available from these fine retailers: The Kite Shoppe Quality of Construction Flying wings has done a […]

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Issue 46: Review – Mirage Warbird

Specifications Manufacturer: Jones Airfoils Model: SE Triple Wingspan: 34″ variable Height: 35″ Weight: 8.5 Oz. (per kite) Type of kite: Rhomboid design, stackable ballet and precision kite. Materials: Icarex .6 oz ripstop polyester sail, .157 and .210 pultruded carbon, APA fittings, 170# dacron bridle, 100# spectra train lines and vinyl nosepiece. Source for test kite: […]

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Issue 46: Review – Jumping Jack Flash

Specifications Manufacturer: Level One Model: Jumping Jack Flash Wingspan: 2.05m Height: 0.92m Weight: 280grams Type of kite: Polyvalent trick kite Materials: Skyshark P200 LS, carbon LE, spine and US, Coated polyester sail, APA and FSD connectors. Source for test kite: Sky Burner Sport Kites Available from these fine retailers: The Kite Shoppe Quality of Construction […]

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Issue 46: Windless Festival (gallery)

Photos by John Barresi

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