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B - Mutt and Jeff do the Weirdo Dance

Issue 49: A Day at Vanier

Well, normally I’m excited, even energized, by a road-trip to a kite festival… Maybe it was our off-again on-again scheduling, or maybe it was the blasted 75 minutes it took us to get across the bridge to Washington State – Yes, an hour and a quarter to cover the first 5 miles on a Thursday […]

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Issue 49: Boston Area SKC

I flew into Boston International around midnight on Wednesday night where I ran into Darren Weider’s grinning mug. He and brother Scott had offered to put me up at their place before and after the Boston Area SKC (BASKC), eager to hang out and show me a fair amount of New England… Plus, I’d never […]

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Issue 49: San Ramon Art & Wind Fest

Under aqua clear skies and warm temperatures, the San Ramon Art & Wind Festival took flight with practically a six-ring circus to offer the Memorial Day weekend crowds spanning Sunday May 28 and Monday May 29, 2006. Of course, if your friends are not into kite demonstrations, they have a choice of browsing art booths, […]

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Issue 49: Northwest SKC

Here we go AGAIN! On the Road to “My Next New Adventure!” Yeah – headed off to another Kite-Fest with a song in my heart, and a few bucks in my jeans… We’ve got the Northwest International Stunt Kite Championships at Long Beach, Washington this weekend. So, we got sun. We got wind. We got […]

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Issue 49: Ocean Shores International Kite Challenge

Well… I’m off to a kite fest again.  This Friday night, I’m headed for the “Ocean Shores International Kite Challenge” in Ocean Shores, Washington.  To say that I’m familiar with the place is a bit of an understatement.  I’ve probably only been to Ocean Shores a couple of hundred times over the years, so it’s […]

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Issue 49: Twisted Lines Kite Festival

A story of what it takes to put on an annual festival. The Topeka Kite Fliers hosted their festival on June 2, 3 and 4, 2006. We had many up and downs in its planning,. As all festival organizers know first and foremost, location, location, location. Twisted Lines have been held for the last 14 […]

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Issue 49: Westport Windriders Festival

I suppose I go to enough kite festivals now that I’m getting somewhat jaded by it all – or at least the festivals don’t get me quite as excited as they used to. Yes, each fest has its own special “flavor” (for lack of a better word), but some have more “flavor” than others these […]

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Issue 49: Junction Kite Makers’ Retreat

The Texas Tech Extension Campus once again extended an invitation to the kite makers for a Retreat, general fly time and friendly gathering over Memorial Day Weekend. This is the 18th year of an annual event, so perhaps one could call it tradition in every sense of the word. Tradition and good to see everyone […]

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Issue 49: Guiyang Kite Festival

?And never the two will meet”? There are many, very different kite festivals around the world; it may be nice to compare two of them, even though both are in the east. Well, sort of! Oostende means ?East end”, but I had to go west to get there, Guiyang is in the Far East, China […]

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Issue 49: Nordic Kite Meeting

Thursday May 25th Beeeeep, beeeeep, beeeep, beeeep!!! With the sound of the alarm clock’s wake up call still lingering in my ears I kind of sleep walked into the shower too early trying to wake up after a few very hectic days. Suddenly I realised why the alarm clock was set to go off this […]

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