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Issue 50: Workshops… Magic?

Where to start? Well, I guess my age is where I begin.  I’ve been a competitor and “hard core” flier for years, but hadn’t really gotten involved in the community aspects until I turned 30 in 2005… Whether it’s maturity (go ahead and laugh – it’s fine) or just having more patience, or just plain […]

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Issue 50: Buenos Aires Children Day

On Sunday August 13th, 2006, Children Day was held in Buenos Aires – Argentina. The “Asociación Cerealista de Buenos Aires” – A.C.B.A– organized a big show in Luna Park Stadium to celebrate this special event. This time, BaToCo members were invited to participate in the show join efforts to support the children education campaign, which […]

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Issue 50: Berkeley Kite Festival

Over the years I’ve been flying, I’ve maintained a mental list of some of the larger, long running kite festivals I have wanted to go to eventually. The Berkeley Kite Festival, held every year on the last weekend of July at Cesar E. Chavez Park, has long been high up on my list. While I […]

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Issue 50: Oostende Kite Festival

“Happy rotor hour” ? No, it isn’t a helicopter demonstration. It is one of the -returning- highlights of the Oostende Kite Festival! A demonstration field full of rotors, up to 10m in diameter, an hour long display. The 21st edition of this festival was, just as all previous ones, family-day oriented. It is held on […]

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Issue 50: Golden Gate Challenge

Once again, Brian Champie, the AKA Regional Director for the Northern California Kite Club and the Bay Area Sport Kite League (BASKL) gathered us all together for our annual kite championship competition held at spacious Ocean Beach here in San Francisco. Despite our chronic low overcast skies that have persisted for weeks, it was not […]

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Issue 50: Lewis & Clark Exposition

Getting There Midnight. That was when I told Justin I would be at his house to pick him up on the way to the Seaside event. And there we were at midnight, out in front of Jusitn’s house trying to load all of our gear plus a giant box of homemade cookies in to the […]

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Issue 50: 14th Annual Canal Days

You might already be asking yourself where in the world is Port Colborne, Ontario? Today it’s a small city of approx 18,000 people and is situated on the northern shores of Lake Erie. It’s very close to Buffalo, New York. Port Colborne is a community truly steeped in history. First Nations people lived on the […]

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Issue 50: Orting Kite Festival

All right everyone… The 2006 AKA Competition Season is finally over, and we’re all nearly “comp’ed” out and almost exhausted. Besides, we finally have a weekend off! So what’re we going to do with it? Well, shucks!! Why don’t we go out to Orting and camp in the Loin’s Club Field out there, laze around […]

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Issue 50: Southern Oregon Kite Festival

Meeting up with John Barresi in Portland, we set out on our way to the land of Brookings (OR) to join in their annual festival. I’d heard from John about the light winds and amazing crowd response, I was really looking forward to this trip. As the road rolled along under our feet, we were […]

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A - Monk and John do Rev Pairs

Issue 50: Steveston SKC

Is it over already? Is the fight for a spot to the Grand Nationals for the 2005-2006 season over? It must be, because this past weekend we had our yearly competition up in Canada at Gary Point Park in Steveston, BC. This is our last event of the kiting year and yet again, a jacket […]

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