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Issue 51: Lincoln City Fall Festival

Well, we’re off again… On the road, headed to little old Lincoln City, Oregon this time, one of our favorite places in the whole world to fly kites and enjoy life! Why is Lincoln City a favorite? Well, because the Lincoln City Visitors and Conventions Bureau in that fine city supports kiting better than any […]

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Issue 51: Camas Indoor

Okay, where to start with this one? Gosh, I don’t know. This is the very first time for this event, and I’ve kind of been into it from the gestation-point. So let’s start there… I received a phone call from Theresa Norelius at The Kite Shop, saying, “I’m going over to the High School in […]

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Issue 51: Painting Rosario Sky

Rosario City is located 300 kilometres from DC to the North and it was built beside the Paraná River. Without a doubt this is the most important City in Santa Fe Province and it is famous for its Flag Historical Monument – opened on June 20th 1957. To your information our National Hero Manuel Belgrano […]

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2006 AKA Convention: Day 6

And finally, we reach Saturday, the last official day of the 2006 AKA convention in Des Moines, Iowa. Sometimes it has seemed like a very long week (particularily if you are a monkey who has tba’ed in both of his Experienced Multiline events) and a few times today I looked back and thought, whar, where […]

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2006 AKA Convention: Day 5

Wow, it’s Friday already… This convention is nearly over – and we’re all having so much fun, nobody’s noticed! And I wouldn’t either, except that all the competitions are completed, so all the pressure’s off. Yeah – they’re completed, but only the names below “medal” level (below 1st, 2nd, or 3rd) are posted now, and […]

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2006 AKA Convention: Day 4

Thursday at the 29th AKA Convention and Grand National Competitions is kind of a day off, or at least a “Slow Day!” And, believe me, that’s a GOOD thing! And, boy – were we ever ready for a break… We did absolutely ridiculous things – stuff like sleeping until 8:00 (or even later, if you […]

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2006 AKA Convention: Day 3

Well ok, I suspect its my turn. The other Dave has done much of our writing so far for these updates. The first day, I squeezed a few paragraphs out and then last night, nada, so today… I have excuses however, being that its my first AKA Nationals and my “main event” was yesterday, my […]

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2006 AKA Convention: Day 2

Okay, if yesterday was the start of the 29th AKA Convention – then today was the start of the Convention’s programs and workshops and the Grand National competitions that’re part of the convention. And believe me, that’s what the Convention is really all about – that and hanging out with other kiters, of course. Due […]

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2006 AKA Convention: Day 1

And so it begins! The 29th Annual American Kitefliers Convention, in Des Moines, Iowa. Like most of the attendees, John Barresi and Monkey (David Hathaway) and I (Dave ‘geezer” Shattuck) flew in rather than drove. John and I were at the Portland Airport at 3:30 AM Sunday morning for our flights to Des Moines, and […]

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Issue 50: From the Editor

Well folks, here we are… Our 50th issue, and nearly seven years of work behind us! It all started with Mike Gillard’s dream of bringing a kiting publication to the North American public when there were none to be had, with all the advantages of web content… Since then, we’ve stepped it up a notch […]

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