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AKA 2007 124

2007 AKA Convention: Day 5

Well, unfortunately, it had to happen sooner or later this week, the day was for the most part, rained out. Pouring rain in the morning and it hasn’t let up at all as I sit here at 4:30pm, getting an early start on the daily updates. The idea is it will save me from trying […]

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2007 AKA Convention: Day 4

Here, lets get this out of the way early this time. When I woke up this morning, the sun was streaming into the room and there was a definite nice breeze happening as well. Extend this to cover the entire day and you’d have an accurate idea of just how nice it was today in […]

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2007 AKA Convention: Day 3

With daily updates that have been filled with dire weather predictions, I certainly expected today to be much of the same for today, and when I was first up and around today (at about 6am) it was looking like Thursday was shaping up to be pretty bad. It was pouring rain early this morning. For […]

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2007 AKA Convention: Day 2

So just how did the day turn out after such dire predictions of rain, lightning storms and howling winds? Nowhere near as bad as had been predicted. When I woke up this moring, it was decidedly a little mixed, with half the sky showing the promise of some nice sunshine, but, the wind was coming […]

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2007 AKA Convention: Day 1

And welcome to the 2007 edition of Daily Updates from the AKA Grand Nationals! This year, the convention is being held in the pretty little town of Ocean Shores. And, I do mean little, the town itself possesses no actual streetlights on the two main intersections, but, amazingly in all the times I have been […]

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