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Issue 52: From the Editor

Wow, it’s only February and already so much has happened in the kite community… I’m little underwhelmed with the small number of feature articles we have in this issue, and we’re looking forward to covering more topics as the season kicks into gear, hopefully with more hands-on articles and content… In the mean time, we’ve got […]

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Issue 52: AKA Corner

Hi, everyone! It’s Region 8 Director, Gayle Woodul, stepping in as Guest Commentator for the AKA Corner! We’re off to a new year with new kiting events; some “standards” and some initial endeavors. I know in this part of the country, it can become a true juggling act trying to maintain the continuity of the […]

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Issue 52: Dave’s World

There aren’t a lot of exciting kite trips in December and early January. So when Kitelife called for a pictorial essay, I looked over some of my older updates and found this classic. Kites are not the only constant in our lives… There comes a time, frequently, when every kiteflier needs to go. And if […]

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A barrilete in flight

Issue 52: Drachen Archives: Guatemalan Kites

While visiting the village of Sumpango, Guatemala, in 2003, to investigate their Dia de los Santos kite tradition, the Drachen Foundation found a kite making culture steeped in tradition and pride, as the Mayan Indian culture continues their tradition in kiting. The giant kites of Guatemala, or barriletes gigantes, are in Sumpango a labor of […]

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Issue 52: Featured Store: The Kite Shoppe

Each month we’ll be featuring one of the fine retailers who have been so supportive of Kitelife and other areas of the kiting community…The retailers you’ll find here are established, proven vendors. The Kite Shoppe 2727 East Evergreen Blvd Vancouver, Washington 98661 USA 360-695-9646 or 1-866-ROKKAKU Floor space: Although we do a lot of […]

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Issue 52: REVisions: Indoor Experience

Kites If you dig back into Kitelife’s online archive of Stunt Kite Quarterly magazines and start hunting around 1992 or so, you’ll find an article on Dave Brittan who is arguably one of the very first people to fly a kite indoors. And, what was he using for this? A Rev II. Not what you’d […]

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Issue 52: National Kite Month

In some parts of the country March seems to be known as a month to fly kites. To lessen the odds of having snow on you favorite flying fields the American Kiteflyers Association and the Kite Trades Association have banded together to make April National Kite Month. Forget about the showers and lets all fly […]

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Issue 52: Review of B-Series by Revolution Kites

Specifications Manufacturer: Revolution Enterprises Model: John Barresi Signature Series 1.5 Wingspan: 90 inches Height: 33 inches Type of kite: Quad line Materials: Two frames, 2 wrap and 3 wrap Revolution Advantage, ripstop polyester sail, Revolution connectors/endcaps connectors and two 2 gram insertable weights. Source for test kite: Manufacturer Available from these fine retailers: A Wind […]

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Issue 52: Buenos Aires Wind Party

Yeah, we’re doing it – or really, we already did it! Sure, you’ll read this when we’re in the midst of winter, and you’re probably as tired of it as we are by now. But never mind all that. This saga really started back when the days were still long, the weather amenable if not […]

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Issue 52: Patagonia Kite Festival

What an amazing week we’d just experienced! We’d had a whole week of kite flying and schmoozing with kite pilots in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, Argentina! Moreover, we were finally on our way to our “Next New Adventure” – a trip roughly 1100 miles south of Buenos Aires to the town of Comodoro Rivadavia, […]

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