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Issue 53: From the Editor

Welcome to yet another issue of Kitelife, published just as we’re getting into the full swing of this years kite season across North America… While we haven’t exactly jam-packed this issue with articles, we’re quite proud of the content quality we got this time around and hope you’ll enjoy reading it at least as much […]

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Issue 53: AKA Corner

Greetings to all in kite land from here in Minnesota where the lakes are still frozen, but not safe to walk on (there goes our 10,000 flying fields for another season), and all the fields are squishy and muddy, but kite fever is sweeping the state. I’m Barbara Meyer the first vice president of the […]

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Issue 53: Dave’s World

Saturday afternoon, a frigid wind was blowing across the ice in Clear Lake Iowa. Kiters had gathered for the annual winter fly and it was cold. But Susie and I weren’t there. We were on the bright, sunny beaches of Guam where it was a full 80 degrees warmer. If you have been reading our […]

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Bird Kitecr

Issue 53: Drachen Archives: Au fil des Vents

The Drachen Foundation recently placed a database of its library archive online for the public to view. With prized volumes and many information-heavy reference books, easily overlooked in the Drachen Foundation Archive are three small volumes of poetry, prose, and pictures lovingly compiled by Philippe Cottenceau. Cottenceau, who recently passed away, was a celebrated kite […]

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Issue 53: Featured Store: A Wind Of Change

Each month we’ll be featuring one of the fine retailers who have been so supportive of Kitelife and other areas of the kiting community…The retailers you’ll find here are established, proven vendors. A Wind Of Change 3870 West Russell Road Las Vegas, Nevada 89118 Phone: 702-736-1476 Floor space: 2430 sq. ft. total 880 sq. […]

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Issue 53: Riding the Bull

I was sitting around the office this past January and got an email from Carl Robertshaw with news about an upcoming project with Red Bull Air Races, developing a specialized kite show in conjunction with their events in 2007… Reportedly reaching a global audience of over two billion people last year through their shows and […]

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Issue 53: Multiple Sport Kite Flying (part II)

Hi friends of Kitelife. Do you remember my first article about MKF? Well, this is the next level about it and I hope it will be a useful guide. So, are you ready to start? This time, I would like to describe my experience specifically flying 2 kites at the same time with some tricks […]

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Issue 53: REVisions: Indoors, Pairs and More!

Last time I sat down to write REVisions, where I dealt with the basics of indoor flying, it was raining in the Northwest. In what will come as a huge surprise to everybody, it’s STILL raining up here with no apparent end in sight, so, I guess it’s a good time to continue our look […]

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Issue 53: Empty Spaces: Shane Hill

“Empty Spaces In The Sky” pieces are never easy for us to write at Kitelife, and they are doubly difficult if we knew the person. And this one is perhaps as difficult for us as any we have written. Peter “Shane” Hill was a stalwart friend of kite fliers everywhere, who passed away from Congenital […]

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Issue 53: Silver Fox 2.5 STD by Flying Wings

Specifications Manufacturer: Flying Wings Model: Silver Fox 2.5 STD Wingspan: 98″ Height: 36″ Weight: 12.6 Oz. Type of kite: Polyvalent. Materials: Dynamic 15, T18 frame, PC31 Ventex polyester sail, injected leading edge and t-piece connectors by Flying Wings. Source for test kite: Manufacturer. Available from these fine retailers: A Wind of Change It’s been interesting […]

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