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Issue 53: Kite Party 5

Kite Party Number 5!  What more need I say? Okay, this is the Fifth Annual Kite Party Dave Shenkman was hosting, so maybe it’s lost a little bit of it’s “Oh My God!” luster that’s associated with “new-ness”…  but not very much!  And if you really want to rid yourself of the mid-winter “Blahs” (and […]

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Ted Goodman

Issue 53: Mid-Florida Regional SKC

If you judge the success of a comp only by the number of flyers entered, then you’d probably be inclined to think that MFRSKC tanked. My particular criteria for a successful comp include such intangibles as the number of smiles you see during the day, and at Sand Key there were smiles by the cartload! […]

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Issue 53: South Padre Island Kite Festival

Let me introduce you to the joys of winter on the Pacific Northwest. It typically involves a lot of rain, and temperatures hovering just over freezing so that we can rarely get any snow, however this year proved to be somewhat different in that we DID get a lot of snow. So, when John Barresi […]

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just another day on the beach

Issue 53: Binalong Bay Kite Weekend

For the past twelve years the Kite Flyers of Tasmania have descended on the small coastal town of St Helens on the north east coast of the island. It is here we hold the Binalong Bay Kite Weekend. We traditionally held the event on the beach at Binalong Bay but since the rest of the […]

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Issue 53: Zilker Park Kite Festival

Every now and then, something goes right for a change. Oh, it’s nothing we’ve done to deserve it. It just sorta happens that way… And so that happened for me with the 79th Zilker Kite Festival in Austin, Texas back on March 4th. So let me get rollin’ and I’ll explain! I’d frankly had the […]

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Issue 53: Up the River Indoor

This business about going to Arlington is getting to be decidedly “old hat.” I’d certainly been there before, and have always enjoyed this one. And, unlike most of the events we attend, the Third Annual Up The River (UTR) Indoor Kite Festival will be a decidedly “local” affair, and the grandstands in the High School […]

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Issue 53: Zilker Park Kite Festival (gallery)

Photos by Dave “Geezer” Shattuck

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