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Issue 55: From the Editor

Well folks, we’re more than half way through our kiting season and it’s time for yet another issue of Kitelife Magazine… This one is chock full of event reports and photos, we’ve done our very best to try and bring the excitement and developments currently happening in the kiting community home to you through this […]

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Issue 55: AKA Corner

Thirty Years ago, the members of the American Kitefliers Association gathered for the first time. The original AKA “all member meeting” was a huge success, bringing together kitefliers from across the country and around the world. The reviews of the event stated, “a good time was had by all”. One thing that has not changed […]

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Issue 55: Dave’s World: Weifang Kite Museum

The first time I visited the International Kite Museum in Weifang was back in 1989. I was impressed with the huge structure. But the displays were dusty and haphazard. And oddly, everything was for sale… Things have changed in China. Today the building has been gutted. Atriums and skylights have been added. The inside of […]

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Issue 55: Drachen Archives: Paper Japanese Kite

The Drachen Foundation often receives generous archival donations from unexpected places. Seldom is any donation turned down, as one can never determine the worth of an object before it is seen. Recently, Robert Searfoss of Atlanta, Georgia, contacted the Foundation in order to donate a much-loved Japanese kite that had become too delicate for display […]

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Issue 55: Taming the Bull

In issue 53 of Kitelife, we brought you the Riding the Bull article, an inside report on a 10-day training session held by the Kite Performers group working in some of this years Red Bull Air Races… Now, a look at the first show of the year, launching professional kiting into a previously unknown level […]

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Issue 55: How To Publicize Your Festival

As Editor Barresi will tell you, I occasionally get these strange “thoughts” – which usually means I’m in trouble again, so I’ll tell you how it happens… I ran into my fine friend, John Freeman – kite-builder extraordinaire – at a recent festival, and that led me back to his Kitelife article in a prior Kitelife […]

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Issue 55: Featured Store: Let’s Fly A Kite

Each month we’ll be featuring one of the fine retailers who have been so supportive of Kitelife and other areas of the kiting community…The retailers you’ll find here are established, proven vendors. Let’s Fly A Kite 14225 S.P.I.D. Suite #5 Corpus Christi, TX 78418 Phone: 1-866-949-4909 Floor space: 800 sq. ft. warehouse 150 sq. […]

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Issue 55: REVisions: All Lined Up

As a person gets their very first quad kite, one of the very first lessons learned is how to deal with the four lines. If there is someone around who’s been down these twisted roads before available to the new flyer, they will usually adopt whatever the more experienced pilot is doing and simply go […]

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Issue 55: Empty Spaces: Charlie McClary

The kiting community lost an amazing character on May 4th, 2007. Well known at nearly all the west coast events, Charlie was a longstanding and loyal member of the San Diego Kite Club, an avid sport and fighter kite enthusiast, and he also designed a number of kites including the Solution which was produced by […]

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Issue 55: Empty Spaces: Chuck Johnson

Chuck Johnson who passed away on May 31, 2007, was a good friend of kite fliers everywhere. But Chuck was mostly concerned with kite flying in the Pacific Northwest – and particularly around Ocean Shores, Washington. You see, Chuck had the un-official title of “The Old Man on the Beach” there in Ocean Shores, and […]

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