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Issue 55: Wildwood International Kite Festival

Wildwood. The birthplace of “competition” amongst sport kites and one of the longer running festivals in North America. Held on Memorial Day weekend and in many ways, the kickoff to the summer along the New Jersey shores with their boardwalks, amusement parks and family fun, stretching for miles. Put on by Sky Festival Productions, through […]

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Issue 55: Great Lakes Kite Festival

Michigan has a regular cycle of seasons. We have learned to determine the arrival of springtime by checking the calendar for the Great Lakes Kite Fest. It happens every year, the weekend BEFORE the Memorial Day holiday weekend. This is one of the things that we all have come to count on. The “world’s largest […]

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Issue 55: Windscape Festival

Many years ago, in what often seems like another lifetime, I spent quite a few years playing in a band that’d blast back and forth across Canada, usually in a smallish van, packed to the rafters with music gear. Out of all of our many and varied destinations, there was one particular place we liked […]

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Issue 55: Southern Oregon Kite Festival

It was the first time for me to go to Brookings. Can you imagine people coming to this festival that are non kite fliers, lining up their chairs early in the morning to make sure they all had good spots to enjoy the countless performances that take place each day of the Southern Oregon Kite […]

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Issue 55: Lincoln City Summer Festival

All right, we’re on the road again – this time just a hop, skip and a jump down the pike to Lincoln City, Oregon – a mere 80 miles away. So close actually, that we can all afford to drive down to the beach in separate cars. And so we all converge on the “D” […]

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Issue 55: Westport Windriders Festival

At times, it seems like I’m about “Festival-ed Out” with all of these fests and comps we’re attending… Whew! Getting on the road seems like a piece of cake now, but just remembering where I’m heading this weekend can sometimes be a problem… Still, here we are – on the road again. And Theresa and […]

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Issue 55: Ocean Shores Intl Kite Challenge

Well, we’re on the road again – this time we’re headed north about 180 miles to Ocean Shores, WA for the Ocean Shores International Kite Challenge put on by the Northwest Sport Kite League and hosted/sponsored by Cutting Edge Kites. So Theresa Norelius and I pack up the new (to me) mobile home-away-from-home and put […]

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