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Issue 57: REVisions – Own Your Hover

What? Its coming up on winter already? I’m scraping frost off of my car? How did this get to be! Yes, its settling into winter here and thus, I don’t get out as much as I’d like to for flying, but, that doesn’t mean its very far from my mind. Towards the end of this […]

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Issue 57: The Cygnet’s Centennial

The Cygnet’s Centennial I’ve been extremely fortunate, I’ve have had many very special moments during my kite flying life; in many incredible places around the world. Yet nothing came close to the profound and deeply moving experience of flying my kite at Beinn Bhreagh on the same patch of grass that Dr. Bell flew his […]

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Issue 57: On Film: The Kite Runner

Based on one of the most acclaimed novels in recent memory, The Kite Runner is a profoundly emotional tale of friendship, family, devastating mistakes and redeeming love. In a divided country on the verge of war, two childhood friends, Amir and Hassan, are about to be torn apart forever.  It’s a glorious afternoon in Kabul […]

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Issue 57: AKA Grand Nationals

There are kite festivals, and then there are Kite Festivals!  But there is only one Kite Orgy in the entire USA!  (Pardon the term… and yes, I know this is a “family sport.”)  Nope, not Berkeley or Saint Augustine or Zilker or Old Dominion or even the Outer Banks fest… And not Wildwood, or Grand […]

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Issue 57: Tokyo Bay Flight Party

When I started flying in the early 90’s, many of the top sport kite pilots I idolized in North America were making trips to festivals and competition in Shonan Coast and other legendary event venues in Japan… Hearing about the adventures, exploits and successes from folks like High Performance and Team Top of the Line, […]

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Issue 57: Tokyo Bay Flight Party (results)

Free Flight Precision Dual Line 1 Kazuaki Akimoto 65.60 2 Tadahiko Matsumoto 65.57 3 Masahiko Tanaka 63.60 4 Wen 60.53 5 Mamoru Higuma 56.67 6 Takako Nakai 49.93 7 Hiroshi Takagi 37.63   Free Flight Precision Multi Line 1 Katsuji Suzuki 73.20 2 Sadatoshi Tashiro 62.87 3 Mitsuo Akita 50.30   Dual Line Individual Ballet […]

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Issue 57: Dieppe Kite International

Perception is a funny thing. Growing up in Western New York State, on the US–Canada border, I always consider myself as being from the Northeast; albeit from the Northeast United States. Driving further Northeast for almost 1000 miles (1600 km) towards the Canadian Maritime on a recent road trip with good friend, Vaino Raun, and […]

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Issue 57: Lincoln City Fall Festival

What? It’s fall already?  With the AKA Grand Nationals over, this left one single outdoor event left in the Pacific Northwest, Lincoln City’s annual Fall Festival. Traditionally held on the second weekend of October, this is one of three festivals that the Lincoln City Visitors Bureau holds every year, with their Indoor festival in March […]

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Issue 57: Niagara Falls International Kite Festival

Back in 1848, there was a dilemma. It was desired to have a bridge that would connect the two sides of Niagara Falls, but, nobody could figure out a way to get this started. A gentleman named Homan Walsh had an idea however. He’d sponsor a contest to see who could fly a kite over […]

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Issue 57: Santa Cruz Kite Festival

The phone Rings… it’s Scott Weider,  and he says,  ”Hey Buddy. Wanna Go to Santa Cruz California with me to fly Revs?  I can’t make any Promises, but I gave your name to Tracy Erzin and who knows, she just might call you”.  Two days later.. The phone rings again.. ”Hey is this Jay?”  Yea, […]

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