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Issue 58: From the Editor

Many years ago, when I was hanging out in kite focused IRC groups and participating in rec.kites, I remember waiting with a lot of anticipation for a new “thing” that was about to hit the internet, a magazine called Kitelife. An ambitious project by Mike Gillard and a handful of people helping him, I read […]

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Issue 58: AKA Corner

Some thoughts on the Treasure Island Kite Festival. Some of the joys of being AKA President are sitting in on Board meetings, sending reminders to Committee Chairs to have reports ready before, or, at least in time for, the Board Meeting, and writing President Report type articles for Kiting magazine. This past Board meeting was […]

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Issue 58: Dave’s World

I keep hearing that the good festivals are slipping away and that few gatherings seem to be growing up to replace them. But all it takes is a couple of people willing to take the risk and make the effort. That’s certainly what I saw on Wrightsville Beach last weekend. Mike and Judy Agner put […]

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Issue 58: Kites… Life.

Our 58th issue, and our second under David Hathaway’s editorship… April will mark our nine full years since Kitelife Magazine was produced by the late Mike Gillard, to fill a void left by the demise of great specialty publications like American Kite Magazine, Kite Lines and Stunt Kite Quarterly. With the Kite Lines archival project […]

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Issue 58: Drachen Archives – Der Papier Drachen Of Japan

Another easily overlooked gem in the Drachen Foundation’s collection is the 1914 German pamphlet,  Der Papier Drachen in Japan. Written for the Linden Museum in Germany by Dr. W. Muller, German Consul in Shimonseki, Japan, this pamphlet shows an interesting view of Japanese kites through the eyes of a European. Including photographs, drawings and twelve […]

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Issue 58: Kite Chi from The Coreylama

Seen any good kite movies lately? That would have been a ridiculous statement just a few years ago. About the only kites in movies then were in Mary Poppins, Bridge on the River Kwai, PeggySue Got Married or Waterworld. Things sure have changed. A major motion picture (as they say), with kites playing a central […]

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Issue 58: REVisions: Clinics and Anniversaries

How about we refer to this installment of REVisions as one of those “variety show” ones I do once in a while. No specific lessons, tutorials or guidance, just a lot of information on some things that will be occurring (or, in some cases, occurred!) over the next year. Given its Revolution’s 20 year anniversary […]

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Issue 58: Goin’ Across the River to KTAI

Somehow, this just doesn’t feel right…  I mean, this IS a “kiting” event, right? And for me that normally means one or two days of packing and a day on the road, then the combined delight of staying somewhere “temporary” and the event itself, all followed by the return trip and the unpack and doing […]

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Issue 58: Multiple Sport Kite Flying III

MKF Part III is about a learning method to fly 3 Dual line kites at the same time with independent controls. I hope it will be a useful guide. Before you read this technical article, I really recommend re-read my previous articles about this subject : Remember that MKF is like team flight, […]

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Issue 58: Empty Spaces: Tom Brailey

Last year, when I made my first visit to South Padre Island for their annual festival, I had the pleasure of meeting Tom Brailey in person for the first time. As I sit here again in SPI, I had been hoping to see Tom again, but alas, he was taken from us just before we […]

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