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Issue 61: From the Editor

After a couple of issues of promising an exciting new look to Kitelife, voila! Welcome to the first issue produced entirely from scratch using the new design! John has been working his way backwards to convert all the old issues over to the new look, a process which we expect to take much of the […]

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Issue 61: AKA Corner

Convention 2008 – Gettysburg, PA – Come Fly in to History with us. September 22 to27. Convention is five days crammed full of every kite event imaginable. It is hard to find the time to do everything. If you are a first-timer, please feel welcome and make yourself known. We all look forward to meeting […]

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Issue 61: Dave’s World

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical when our good friend Keith Mould told us to save mid-July for a possible trip to South Africa. It’s not that Keith isn’t a capable and wonderfully resourceful fellow. And the concept to piggy-back a kite show onto the popular Oyster Fest in Knysna made […]

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Issue 61: Drachen Archives: Yukio Akiyama

Mr. Akiyama first came to Drachen’s attention when a set of origami kite designs were emailed to us from Japan.  Although the art of origami has been around for centuries, it has never been a subject of interest or collection in the world of kites.  Our archival collection never had any reason to make any […]

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Issue 61: Revisions: Overview

As I sit here writing this piece, I’m about 40,000 feet above California, flying back from another successful Berkeley Kite Festival (which, I’ll write about in the next issue!). While we were sitting outside one evening in Martinez, talking with Tracy Erzin, the AKA points goddess and scoring wizard, the topic came to the upcoming […]

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Issue 61: iQuad in Japan: Part 2

So, when I last left off, I was moaning about how ill I was becoming. My head was completely stuffed up, as were my lungs. Not good at all but, oddly, there didn’t seem to be any “cold or flu” type effects. It was a complete mystery to me at this point, but’ I’d become […]

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Issue 61: Multiple Kites Indoors

I would like to share with you some experiences and thoughts about this sport, practicing without wind. I mean, we try to fly Multiple Sport Kite Windless Indoor / Outdoor. My friends Polo Madueño – Architect – and Juan José Mosca – Artist – helped me to write this article. Flying Times & Reasons An […]

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Issue 61: ProFile: Joe Hadzicki

Editor’s note : When we first started out this year, John and I talked about getting Joe in for an interview with Geezer as a look back at Revolution’s 20 yer history in kiting. While it has taken some time to get it all together, we think you’ll find this to be a great look, […]

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Issue 61: Lincoln City Summer Fest

Yep, I’m headed back to Lincoln City again.  This place kinda feels like “home away from home,” I guess.  Seems like it anyway.  It feels like we’re always close to going there again or just returning from Lincoln City.  Well, their Kite Festivals are spread throughout the year a bit, but there are enough Lincoln […]

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Issue 61: Bedford Kite Festival

Returning to Bedford England for the International Kite Festival this summer was like attending a much anticipated family reunion. Most of the international guests arrived in Bedford throughout the day on Thursday 29 May. Godfrey and Karen Gamble from Australia came in early to visit friends and they were kind enough to man the kite […]

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