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Issue 62: From the Editor

Over to the left, you can see a rare combination of completely blissed out and stressed. Blissed out because I’m flying within one of the largest collection of Revs ever to take the sky at the Bristol Kite Festival (we cover this in this issue of course!) and stressed because you’d have a tough time […]

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Issue 62: AKA Corner

Convention: Convention was great. We had plenty of room. We had good wind when we had wind. The building would have been an effective wind block to the east, but the wind never came from that direction. It blew out of the north and northeast the whole time we were there. The two sound fields […]

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Balloons and Kites in New York

Issue 62: Dave’s World

Balloons and kites don’t usually mix well. Balloon pilots prefer little or no wind so they can tether their aircraft and maintain control, or take longer flights that cover minimal distances. On the other hand, kites need wind to fly. But at most balloon events, the hot air inflatables go up early in the morning […]

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Chinese Calling Card

Issue 62: Drachen Archives

As director of one of the largest collections of kites in the world, I often get inquiries as to what we collect or should be collecting in the world of kites.  What is the importance or value of an individual item or a collection of items? Whose job is it to determine what is worthy […]

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Issue 62: Choreographing Ballet Routines

Editor’s note : The pictures included in this article are from the 2008 AKA Grand Nationals General approach: The entire approach to choreographing a ballet routine is based on the following description found on page 11 of the International Sport Kite Competition Rules, Version 2.1 : H. Ballet The ballet discipline is characterized by […]

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Issue 62: The Kite That Bridged Niagara

Mighty Niagara Falls, once known only to the local Native Americans, was being transformed. Sightseers packed the banks of the gorge, with their numbers doubling every five years. Tourism was exploding upon this natural wonder. In 1845, railroad advertisements, calling it “The center of a vortex of travel”, both cheapened and glamorized it. The promoters […]

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Portsmouth UK

Issue 62: Revisions, The UK Edition

As I eluded to within my two articles regarding my trip to the UK, something rather magical came together at both events. When it was first discussed how we would be able to manage large amounts of flyers in megaflys at the two events. We were looking at 40+ flyers for both events and while […]

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Imagine 8 of these in the sky at once

Issue 62: Portsmouth Kite Festival

Late last year, I think just after WSIKF, I received an interesting email. When John Barresi and I had journeyed off to Berck Sur Mer for the World Championships in 2006, I’d emailed Felix Mottram of  The Decorators in the hopes that perhaps they’d be there as well, as their web site schedule suggested as […]

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Issue 62: Empty Spaces: Sharon Torres

Sharon Torres – 6/26/47 to 7/31/08 This summer the beach skies are missing one kite. Sharon Torres past at her home in Ocean Shores, WA. She enjoyed lots of wind toys. She flew Rev Kites, duals, power kites to pull her buggy, and she enjoyed her Marta landsailer. Sharon was a loving wife, mother and […]

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Issue 62: Bristol Kite Festival

In between the Portsmouth and Bristol festivals, a few things happened that bear mentioning before I shift onto the Bristol festival. As Portsmouth had wrapped up on the Sunday and Monday was what the British refer to as a “bank holiday”, early on in the planning of the UK trip, we decided we’d hold one […]

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