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Issue 63: Wind Party in Buenos Aires

There is a wide variety in Kite Festivals. Some are small local celebrations, meant only to fill the sky with color and delight the crowd, and perhaps attract enough of spectators to stimulate profits in the local business community. There are also festivals that are simply competition events with a little added display kiting for […]

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Issue 63: Second Annual Idaho Kite Festival

If October 1-4 does not ring a bell for the second annual Idaho Kite Festival, those were NOT the planned dates.  At IKF 2008 in Pocatello Idaho, PLAN B was the norm.  I have to admire the flexibility and laid back approach of everyone involved – it was seat of the pants all the way! […]

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Issue 63: Capetown International Kite Festival

It’s almost an unbelievable question: “Do they fly kites in South Africa?” It’s usually followed by a befuddled shrug, as if the asker hadn’t thought about it, and wasn’t going to think about it. Kites and South Africa simply don’t go together. But they do, which is why the Cape Town International Kite Fest has […]

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Issue 63: Kites Over Granbury

Flying Kites for Kids in Crisis is a kite festival held in Granbury, Texas. Granbury is about an hour drive south west of Ft. Worth, TX. Granbury is a quaint historic small town showcasing a town square where most of the buildings are the original architecture of the 1800’s and have been declared historic monuments. […]

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Issue 63: Qatar Kite Festival

The first kite festival in Doha, Qatar was a fabulous experience. I arrived in Qatar with little information concerning the country’s customs, culture and history but I did have 8 maxi Peter Lynn kites and all the gear to go with it. Upon entering the city of Doha, I found a city that was literally […]

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Issue 63: Lincoln City Fall Fest

This is an event I look forward to year after year, the reception from the entire city is just spectacular. I’ve been attending both the spring and fall festivals at Lincoln city for quite awhile now, and it also so happens to be the very first festival where I was able to perform a demo. […]

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Issue 63: Red Bull Revisited (photo gallery)

Photos by Chris Goff

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