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Issue 65: That Airbrush Look, from a Can!

I admire the beautiful appliqué work of today’s kite artists. But one long-time kitemaker told me that the only way to develop those effects is by “putting lots of cloth through your sewing machine.” I’m too impatient, and began looking for a quicker avenue to multicolor kites. I found it in the article about spray […]

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Issue 65: Featured Store: Into The Wind

Each month we’ll be featuring one of the fine retailers who have been so supportive of Kitelife and other areas of the kiting community…The retailers you’ll find here are established, proven vendors. Into The Wind 1408 Pearl St. Boulder, CO  80302 303-449-5356 or 800-541-0314 Floor space: Retail store 2,600 sq ft; 12,000 sq ft […]

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Issue 65: Empty Spaces: Margaret Greger

A former schoolteacher, Greger taught thousands of children the how to make kites, making her one of the pillars of kiting education. Her best-known books Blown Sky High, Kites for Everyone and More Kites For Everyonewere written and self-published by Greger, whose desire was to bring her years of kite plans and experience to other […]

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Issue 65: Wind Meter App for iPhone

The introduction of iPhones and similarly powerful handhelds is changing our resources as kitefliers on a daily basis… Out there on the field and getting hungry, order a pizza delivery… Street fying and want to find your next spot, look from above with Google maps… Thought of a song you want on your mp3 list, […]

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Issue 65: Spring Kite Tune Up

Well… it’s here – officially anyway. SPRING!!! Yeah, some folks are still knee-deep in that white stuff, and most of us are looking at daytime temps in the 40s and 50s and grey skies… But it’s here. I know, because the daffodils in the back-yafrd say so. But it ain’t really stunning kite-flying weather yet. […]

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iQuad rockin'... Barresi, de Rooy, Poulter, and Hathaway..

Issue 65: South Padre Island Kite Festival

They say all good things must come to an end, but we sure weren’t ready for this year’s festival to end. It was one of the best if not the best festivals we’ve had on the Island. Normally, we have one good weather day to fly and one questionable or really bad weather day to […]

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Issue 65: Gandia Rev Clinic

Saturday morning dawned and sitting down to “cafelito” – a sort of first breakfast, I watched the lamp post outside the window swaying around in the strong blustery wind.  Flying was going to be tough.  At 9 am we headed on down to the beach to meet the fliers who had gathered from all over […]

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Issue 65: Gandia Rev Clinic (Español)

Amaneció el Sábado por la mañana y, mientras me tomaba un “cafelito” – una especie de primer desayuno, observé cómo se balanceaba una farola de la calle con las fuertes rachas de viento. Volar iba a ser duro. Nos encaminamos a eso de las 9 hacia la playa para encontrarnos con los pilotos venidos de […]

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Watty, peeking into the truck...

Issue 65: West Coast Rev Clinic II

One year ago, iQuad, in conjunction with the World Kite Museum, held a Rev clinic on Long Beach, Washington, home of the WSIKF kite festival. Attracting more than 30 signups for this inaugural event, we then went on to hold clinics all over the place last year! So as the new year rolled around, we […]

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Issue 65: Kite Party 7

One of the first events of the year, known for good weather and a relaxing format, Kite Party in Huntington Beach has drawn fliers from all over the world since the first time it was held in 2003… This year marked the 7th annual Kite Party, passionately organized by Dave Shenkman of The Kite Connection […]

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