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Issue 68: From the Editor

Times are ‘a changing… Two major north american kiting organizations (AKA and KTAI) and their members are exploring their uncertain futures in a new social and economic climate with possible leadership changes in some areas, I’m getting hitched in the coming months and we’re bringing another amazing year of kiting to a close with high […]

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Issue 68: Kites… Life.

Well, I’d like to speak about community, cooperation between the various walks of kiting be it dual, quad, single line, or big show kites… I was fortunate enough to visit Bogota, Colombia with iQuad this past August and was incredibly overwhelmed by the warmth and integration I saw between their various kite clubs and organizations! […]

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Issue 68: AKA Corner

May this message find you well and enjoying kites. Here is the latest from the AKA. This goes to press at the beginning of October, just days before the start of the AKA 2009 Convention in Rochester, MN on October 6. As things look right now, it will be an intimate Convention and Nationals. The […]

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Issue 68: Dave’s World – Ten Days in Colombia

I’ve been wanting to come to Columbia for years. The events here are organized by Inez and Jaro Uribe of Yripa. Their organization promotes ecology and ethics in the schools using kites as a teaching tool. I’d been graciously invited before but political instability made the trip inadvisable. I knew people who had gone and […]

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Issue 68: Dave’s World – Rockaway Kite Festival

After flying all night to New York, my first thought as I got off the plane at JFK was that it was wet. Wet and windy. The plane had bounced and shuddered all the way thorough the approach. And back home on Oregon when I left, the weather had been perfect. I was back in […]

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(Photo by Vladimir Rys/Bongarts/Getty Images)

Issue 68: News Reel

Article Index: Vishwakarma Puji – the Hindu Deity for Kitemakers India – Kolkata kite festival for Vishwakarma Puji Afghanistan – Aschiana Peace Kite Initiative for those in war torn regions Vietnam – Culture of Ba kites (Native Vietnamese kite) Ireland/UK– Kiteboarding from the Isle of Man to the UK; 30 miles across the Irish Sea […]

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Issue 68: Kite Poems

Our friend Luis Claris Skoczdopole is a retired Plastic Surgeon living in the Penthouse of a high-rise apartment building in downtown Buenos Aires, Argentina. As far as I know, he has always been a kite flier and a kite builder, and has constantly been fascinated by everything pertaining to kites. And as a “retiree,” Claris […]

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Issue 68: Kite Comics

This issue marks the second set of kite cartoons we’ve had made for Kitelife Magazine, courtesy of Dan Thompson (Funny Cartoonist)… These two were just made “off the cuff”, but we’d like to start sending Dan some photos for inspiration now and then, photos which might aptly display some of the humorous situations we sometimes […]

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Issue 68: Kite Songs

Below are two different songs from the late 1800’s that happen to have the same name “DON’T FLY YOUR KITE TOO HIGH”. In addition to the sheet music is a midi file to provide a listen.

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Issue 68: Mad Way South – The Sahara Challenge

“Mad Way South is a trans-Tasman challenge like no other – man and machine pitted against the harshest environment in the world at the end of the Saharan Summer – Two Aussies and Two Kiwi’s racing in Kite Buggies across 2,500 km of the world’s toughest terrain to claim the rights to be the first […]

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