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Issue 70: From the Editor

Welcome to the 70th issue of Kitelife, the latest in over twelve years of online publishing by kitefliers, for kitefliers where we’re still doing our best to offer our brand of balance between industry and pastime. The 2010 kiting season is kicking into full gear as I write this, and I’m really looking forward to […]

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Issue 70: Kites… Life.

Sitting alongside my wife, I’m starting this article at 35,000 feet somewhere over Arizona on my way to iQuad’s first major outdoor festival of the year in South Padre Island (TX) and I’m finding myself a little nostalgic so I hope you’ll bear with me, or not, feel free to skip on to the next article […]

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Issue 70: AKA Corner

How many times have you flown a kite this New Year? Don’t let the weather be a deterrent! Either adopt the attitude of those of us in the north and get dressed to go hang out on the ice, or use this time to travel south and participate in some fabulous festivals. This is also […]

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Robb Show

Issue 70: Dave’s World: Gound Control

Some days it is just too windy. Some days the field is too crowded. And some days, you just decide you need a show without the need to fly it, too. In other words, better to stay on the ground than miss Minneapolis Airport entirely…. Seriously, if you are building a big show, you probably […]

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Issue 70: Dave’s World – Safety, Safety, Safety

A perfect flying day for me means not having to worry about someone getting hurt. I do all I can to make sure my gear is well maintained, anchored and secure. But it is the things I can’t control that keep me awake at night. Things like kids running into bridles, kids being knocked over, […]

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Issue 70: News Reel

Travel/Tourism: Kite travel time share: the best of all world’s with a great business model! Kite-maker Husmizi Ibrahim, is determined to use his skill to help sell Malaysia through his kites. Imagine having no time or space constraints on your kite flying spree. You are standing on a plateau covered with foliage like […]

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Issue 70: Outstanding Fields – Seaside, OR USA

Hi! While I read Luc Parent’s gorgeous recommendation for the Iles de la Madeleine, in Kitelife’s last issue with considerable interest (and a very healthy amount of envy), I have decided that my own definition for the qualities I find necessary for a favorite flying-field probably differs from his by a fair amount. My own […]

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Issue 70: Kite Comics

Kite Comics by Dan Thompson This issue marks the second set of kite cartoons we’ve had made for Kitelife Magazine, courtesy of Dan Thompson (Funny Cartoonist)… These two were just made “off the cuff”, but we’d like to start sending Dan some photos for inspiration now and then, photos which might aptly display some of […]

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Issue 70: REVisions – The Drill Bit

The Drill Bit A couple of weeks back, a thread popped up in the Rev Kites forum that talked at length about practice and learning curves. Given it’s something I do on a regular basis, I figured I’d talk about that in a column for a change of pace. Flyers practice for different reasons. Some […]

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Issue 70: Drachen Archives – German Submarine Rotary Wing Kite

Having attended the High Altitude Wind Power symposium at California State University in Chico, I was surprised at the variety of high altitude energy systems proposed by presenters and attendees (  Of the many proposals, however, I was struck by the possibility of using tethered autogiros in high altitude energy generation.  Here is a “kite” […]

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