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Issue 74: From the Editor

It’s hard to believe we’re already into Fall and another kite season is well on its way to being over! This past August marked my 20th year in kiting and it seems somehow appropriate that we’re returning to Seaside for AKA Grand Nationals in just over a week, the very same event and location where […]

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1992 Stunt Kite Quarterly (SKQ) - California Open results

Issue 74: Kites… Life.

Competition, is it time to MIX it up? To provide a small disclaimer, this article is written from the viewpoint of a “lifer” in the kiting community, and that of someone who spent the better part of his 35 years on earth involved in sport kite competiton, both dual and quad line kites… It’s more […]

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Issue 74: AKA Corner

Welcome back to the AKA corner of the world! It is an honor and privilege to be allowed to send a message to all the readers of this wonderful on-line publication 6 times a year. Thanks so much for dropping in. The hot days of summer are behind us now, well at least in the […]

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Issue 74: Dave’s World: Festival de Verano

Weekend in Bogota – August 11, 2010 It sounds a bit crazy, doesn’t it? Flying to South America for a weekend. But that is the glamorous, jet-setting life I lead! Up and on the way to the airport at 2 am Thursday morning. Working with kids in Bogota on Friday. Flying in a park Saturday. […]

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Issue 74: Dave’s World: Balikpapan (How the Story Ended)

August 31, 2010 Six months ago, a group of us traveled to Balikpapan in Borneo for their first international kite festival. And ever since, there have been rumors, speculation, and confusion about the result. This sorry episode now seems to have run its course. So it seemed a good idea to clear the air…. The […]

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Drachen Archives

Issue 74: Drachen Archives: DOTA @ Burning Man

My 2010 Burning Man experience started with a full-fledged white-out of blowing dust and sand. Entering the Black Rock City with the Department of Tethered Aviation’s (DOTA) set-up crew (about 15 people) we arrived a full four days before the official start of the event. With blowing dust everywhere, and many of our own camp-mates […]

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Issue 74: News Reel

Afghanistan: “As I stood on the roof of the Ministry of Interior headquarters last evening in Kabul, waiting to make the trip across town to an Afghan National Security Forces and Independent Election Commission (IEC) joint press conference on the historic Parliamentary elections, my colleagues and I were struck by seeing the more than three […]

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Issue 74: Kite Comics

This issue marks the second set of kite cartoons we’ve had made for Kitelife Magazine, courtesy of Dan Thompson (Funny Cartoonist)… These two were just made “off the cuff”, but we’d like to start sending Dan some photos for inspiration now and then, photos which might aptly display some of the humorous situations we sometimes […]

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Green Giant Promo Kites

Issue 74: The Green Giant Kites

From RB Toys 1971-1990 Promotional kites are an ancient business, basically as old as the business of manufacturing inexpensive kites as toys for kids. I’ve seen promotional diamond kites from Wilder Mfg. and Alox Mfg. that date back to the Depression, and I suspect that Hi-Flier was making them back then as well. By the […]

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Issue 74: Build a D-Stix Tetrahedral

When I was a junior in high school I became obsessed with the geometry of the fourth dimension. I later turned that obsession into an award-winning science/math fair project, but at 16 it was just a weird fun thing to be enthusiastic about. In the process of reading books like The Fourth Dimension Simply Explained, […]

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