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Issue 77: REVisions: Clinics, learning, B2 and iQuad in Asia!

So, there I am, wandering around the sand at the West Coast Rev Clinic, the fourth edition of the event, when one of the students asked me a question that really made me stop and think. I mean, I get such questions fairly frequently, often because someone is asking me to mentally break down some […]

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Issue 77: (where to fly kites)

A new kite fliers’ community-based resource Kite flying needs little in the way of resources to be a satisfying hobby for young and old alike. However, a good site helps a lot to know where to fly kites. is a resource created by the kiting community for the community; a database of good kite […]

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Issue 77: Featured Store: WindPower Sports

Each month we’ll be featuring one of the fine retailers who have been so supportive of Kitelife and other areas of the kiting community…The retailers you’ll find here are established, proven vendors. WindPower Sports 3111 S Valley View Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89102 702-220-4340 Floor space: Retail store 600 sq ft; 1,600 sq ft […]

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Issue 77: Windless Indoor Kite Festival 2011

The longest running Indoor Kite Competitions and Performances in the world! (I think. Please let me know if I’m wrong.) I speak for everyone when I say thank you Scott Davis, Event coordinator and all around nice guy. You ROK! We truly appreciate all the work you have put into it. As the founder of […]

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Issue 77: Isla Blanca Kite Festival

Not too hot, not too cold ~Soft cool sand between my toes, that’s sunny “Isla Blanca” in February. I arrived in Cancun on Thursday night and sailed through customs. Friday morning found me wandering the markets with Kitefliers and Kitemakers Pat and Russ Mozier, from Florida ~ via Jersey, and Melanie Anderson-Koening from Tennessee. Isla […]

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Issue 77: Kite Party 9

Kite Party. Kite Party 9 in fact. Make note of the complete lack of the word “Festival”. Keep in mind there is no competition. In fact, there is barely a schedule. There’s a small number of demos and most days, the attendees would see even less of those! There’s sun, there’s sand, there’s kite fliers, […]

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Issue 77: West Coast Rev Clinic IV

Sometime ago, roughly just over four years ago, we held what we believe to be the first ever Rev-centric clinic (workshop) on the sands of Long Beach, Washington. John Barresi had done this previously on a smaller scale, with the focus being on both dual and quad line kites but, we figured there might be […]

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Issue 77: Lincoln City Indoor Festival 2011

“Oh, My… How I DO love the power and majesty of Nature here in the Pacific Northwest…” I was standing on the balcony of a condominium unit in Gleneden Beach, OR – just south of Lincoln City, Oregon when I think this.. Or rather, our guest, Nelson Borelli, had just commented on how “Fantastic!” it […]

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Issue 77: Kite Party 9 Gallery

Photos by Jim Strealy, John Chilese, TK Barresi

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