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Issue 79: Kite Tidbits, Reviews and Repair Kits

A few of my favorite kites… Same Old Same Old Every year we try to bring lots of new things to the demonstration arenas as we travel around and next year will be no exception as we are working on new routines throughout the cold winter months and will have new colourful kites and tails […]

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Issue 79: REVisions – Essential Rev Upkeep

Essential upkeep for your Revs! Maintain your kite(s) So, with what’s been some rather windless weather here in Vancouver, I’ve found myself sitting down in the grass, either watching it grow or contemplating weighty topics to discuss here in Revisions. Well, ok, not so much of that but, what I do find myself doing is […]

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Issue 79: Featured Store

Picture Pretty Kites Each month we’ll be featuring one of the fine retailers who have been so supportive of Kitelife and other areas of the kiting community…The retailers you’ll find here are established, proven vendors. Picture Pretty Kites 6512 N. 44th Omaha NE 68112 Phone: 1-877-453-4970   Floor space: 27ft Trailer Hours of operation: […]

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Issue 79: Indoor Flying Fiesta

NTUC INCOME Kite Festival Singapore When I was first contacted about an event an indoor in Singapore, there was actually a moment of hesitation as I imagined 10 straight days of flying in a school gym for small crowds and giving non-stop lessons to grade school kids… Of course I’d rarely actually turn down a […]

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Issue 79: Southern Oregon Kite Festival

19 years of fantastic kite fun! Ah, the 2011 Southern Oregon Kite Festival… better known simply as “Brookings!!!” I remember when I first heard about “Brookings.” It sure didn’t sound like much of a festival to me. A bunch of kite fliers line up to walk their kites across a field in front of a […]

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Issue 79: Lincoln City Summer Festival

Rockin’ the Rokakku! Well, the Not-So-New-Now Kite Van is at it again – off on another road trip to yet another Kite Fest. By the way, the “Not-So-New-Now” part of that sentence means I’m giving the van some credit for being a real workhorse at this point. At the time I write this, I can […]

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Issue 79: Westport Windriders Kite Festival

Flying high in Grayland, WA! Well, here we are… On the road again. This time headed for Grayland, Washington… the scene of the annual Westport Windriders Kite Festival… and already we’re a day late! This festival runs FRIDAY through Sunday, with Friday being a day for all of the hand-crafted kitemakers to get together and […]

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Issue 79: San Ramon Wind and Art Festival

An annual Bay Area favorite! For 14 years, we’ve been going to the San Ramon Wind and Art Festival in sunny San Ramon, CA. It lands on Memorial Day weekend giving us an extra day to play with friends in the Sun. We’ve done most of the sightseeing over the last decade and experienced heartwarming […]

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Issue 79: Pacific Rim Kite Festival Gallery

Photos by TK Barresi

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Issue 79: Lincoln City Summer Festival Gallery

Photos by Dave “geezer” Shattuck and TK Barresi

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