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Issue 80: From the Editor

From the Editor While some of the world is just gearing up for their kiting season, we’ve just finished ours here in North America… The past 6 weeks have been especially hectic for us with trips Utah, Borneo, Singapore, New Jersey and Oregon, all of which really put us behind on this latest issue between […]

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Issue 80: Kites… Life.

Where are we, and where are we going? Here we are again, this time for our 80th issue of Kitelife… When I took over the reins from my friend Mike Gillard in January of 2003, I had no idea where it would lead, but I’m pretty pleased with what we’ve done over the past fifty-three […]

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Issue 80: AKA Corner

Closing out the year and looking toward the next! Hard to believe, but there are kiters that are not yet AKA members, or have let their membership lapse for more than 3 months. Introduce them to the joys of membership, at only $40 a year. Every person that signs up 5 new or renewing members […]

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Issue 80: Dave’s World: Berkeley Kite Festival

Everyone Flies in Berkeley! Berkeley was great this year. Might have been the best Berkeley in years. Up on the hill, stings of larger lifters and laundry filled the sky. The learn-to-fly fields were backed up with new students. And the sport kite competitions and demos kept up a steady stream of activity on the […]

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Issue 80: Dave’s World: Dieppe Kite Festival

Muddy, Smelly, Itchy, Windless, and Tons of Fun! Rant of the week: All the advice I offer in my Travel Tips can be ignored if you are flying on Continental. I’ve flown close to two million miles on Star Alliance carriers and have never had a long bag refused or charged. But the woman at […]

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Issue 80: Drachen Archives

Tour the new foundation website! I’d like to take readers on a guided tour of the new Drachen Foundation website, and in the process, help kite enthusiasts, researchers, and collectors to pass on their passion for all things kite-like. Our intent, when redesigning the Foundation website, was to organize over fifteen years of information […]

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Issue 80: News Reel

Kiting news from around the world Anniversary There were various 9/11 tribute fly’s to commemorate the 10th anniversary. The below photo is from our northern friends in Guelph, Ontario.…9-11-tribute-1.3160024…9-11-Events Charity “The 13-year-old has embarked on a crusade to raise $1,000 for a beach trip for 27 orphans served by Flying Kites, an […]

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Issue 80: Colorado Landboarding

The lifestyle, the energy and the excitement! On the edge of kite-world, and on the edges of our fields lie the folks that are pushing the boundaries. Combining the power of kiteboarding with the reckless nature of downhill skateboarding are the ‘Kite Landboarders’. A fringe group in the United States that is hardly troubled by […]

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David Hathaway, iQuad tailgunner

Issue 80: REVisions – Singapore Rev Clinic

The Singapore Sling iQuad has held their trademark clinics all over the United States, in Canada and even in the United Kingdom over the past 5 years, teaching people new skills and approaches with their Revolution Kites. Introducing people to team flying, working on specific skill sets and helping them to shortcut the learning process […]

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Issue 80: Pothecary’s Corner

Let’s Stack it up! There will be, of course, many pre-tried, pre-tested theories and projects, all of which we shall be pleased to hear about and publish for you either in this magazine or on a special page on the Close Encounters Kites website. There is a video on the site already to prove that […]

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