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Video Cumulus (9-16-12)

Just a few of the kite flying videos we’ve enjoyed over the past couple of weeks… Some new, some older, but all great representations of kiting skill and spirit. Kites at Syracuse Elementary The kites-to-school program of the Antelope Island Stampede Festival brought professional indoor kite demonstrators to Syracuse Elementary where they exhibited quad line […]

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Dave’s World: Inaugural Event in Kenya

In August, Susie and I were honored to join the first Kenya International Kite Festival as both performers and advisors. This was the first effort to organize a large scale kiting event north of Johannesburg and the potential was enormous. I’ve often said that every part of the planet has their own indigenous kite traditions. […]

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iQuad Xtra Vents on loan...

2012 Rev Team Boot Camp

Well I’ve had some time to think about the “boot camp” held on July 7-8 of this year and what it meant to me! I remember being excited, but nervous!! Remember, I’ve only been flying in formation for about a year now! Could I do all that was being asked of us?? Were my skills […]

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Guido Maiocchi 2003

ProFile: Guido Maiocchi

Recognized as one of the top quad line pilots in the world, Guido has been winning competitions and fans alike since the late 90’s… Some of our staff (myself included) are big fans ourselves, and have been chomping at the bit to learn more about this interesting character from Italy. With multiple European and Italian […]

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2012-07-28 11.44.07

Radio Equipment for Team Flying

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the first annual Rev Team Boot Camp led by Team iQuad.  One of the requirements for this clinic was a radio.  These radios allow a team to share common music, ease the strain on the team leaders voice, and greatly improve call clarity across the team.  This article’s […]

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History of Sport Kite Competition - pt 3

History of Sport Kite Competition – pt 3

The American Kite Magazine National Stunt Kite Circuit The American Kite Magazine National Stunt Kite Standings system was proposed by American Kite magazine, and publisher, editor Daniel Prentice in the preimer issue of AKM magazines the summer in 1988! (pg. 37 Vol 1 #1) This was the first issue published by this new magazine! This […]

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When it Becomes a Kite Routine

Amongst even recreational sport (stunt) kite fliers, the words “ballet” or “kite routine” (individual) are fairly common terminology and bring to mind someone piloting their kite through various maneuvers in time to a musical track either as a structured program (choreographed and planned out) or totally off the cuff – i.e. improvised “soul flying”… Regardless […]

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Raupp Museum Kite Exhibit - Kites and Science

Raupp Museum Kite Exhibit

Flying pyramids, deadly string, and the importance of a tail (A totally ignorant museum staff discovers the coolness of kites) All we really wanted was a summer exhibit. That was how it started. Four museum staff members around a table, discussing ideas. “What if we did kites?” “That might be cool.” Little did we know. […]

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Dots in Cervia 8

Dave’s World: Dots in Cervia

Variety and creativity are often hallmarks of European kite festivals, and the kite makers at Cervia 2012 excelled!  None more so than Anke Sauer, whose “Dot Project” showed just what you can achieve with “only paper, glue and string”. Combining origami, engineering, imagination, perseverance and incredible patience Anke created six kites.  Each one measures about […]

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US Military - Japanese Giant Kites

US Soldiers Make Giant Kites in Japan

More than 1 year after being delayed by last years tsunami disaster, members of the 35th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion (CSSB) participated in kite making traditions with the Sagami Giant Kite Preservation Association (SGKPA) at the 2012 Giant Kite Festival in Camp Zama, Japan… Together, they built and flew a 14.5 square meter traditional Japanese […]

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