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2012-07-28 11.44.07

Radio Equipment for Team Flying

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the first annual Rev Team Boot Camp led by Team iQuad.  One of the requirements for this clinic was a radio.  These radios allow a team to share common music, ease the strain on the team leaders voice, and greatly improve call clarity across the team.  This article’s […]

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Rainy Day Flier?

Suppose you’re walking in the rain with a loved one, under an umbrella – but then the clouds break, wind comes up and sun shines through. Now what’s a hard core kiteflier to do… Caught without your gear… Well, what if you DID have a kite cleverly disguised as something else? That’s what this unusual […]

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Wind Map

While cruising the kite forums, I came across this link to a windmap put together by HINT.FM that shows wind direction and speed all over the United States in a single view… Much like Google maps, you can zoom into an area of interest and gauge the wind speed using the provided legend. Surface wind […]

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Issue 71: Drachen Archives – Relegated to the Back Room…

As I was starting to organize all of the assorted objects that are not kites, for the annual trip to the Nevada/California desert for this year’s NABX (North American Buggy Expo), I had to rummage through a variety of things in the “back room”.  I religiously use my buggy one a year, rain or shine, […]

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Issue 65: Wind Meter App for iPhone

The introduction of iPhones and similarly powerful handhelds is changing our resources as kitefliers on a daily basis… Out there on the field and getting hungry, order a pizza delivery… Street fying and want to find your next spot, look from above with Google maps… Thought of a song you want on your mp3 list, […]

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