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Video Cumulus (6-4-12)

Just a few of the kite flying videos we’ve enjoyed over the past couple of weeks… Some new, some older, but all great representations of kiting skill and spirit! GoPro video, Rev team flying in Singapore! Team4Fun at the 2012 Cervia Kite Festival in Italy! Migi Myth – Taiji Sword flying by Carlos Ong Mouse […]

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Issue 75: Nokia Push N8 – KAP Winners Announced!

The winners of the Push N8 competition have been announced! Our Push KAPing video and the Push N8 project were featured in previous issues of Kitelife, so we wanted to keep you in the loop with what’s happening now! After a demanding three weeks of deliberation, the Push N8 judges selected the top eight ideas […]

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Issue 74: The Story Behind the Photograph

This is a photograph of Jeff Howard at El Mirage in 1998, and I have seen it around the internet for many years now, but do you know the story about how this photograph came about? Andrew Beattie had planning to go to El Mirage in January 98. I found out about this at Berrow […]

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Aerial picture taken with a Nokia N8 mobile phone suspended on the line of a kite in Aquiraz, Ceará - Brazil

Issue 74: KAP900 PUSH: A Chance to Win Big!

Win a limited edition KAPing rig, Nokia N8 devices & $1000! Readers of Kitelife will be familiar with the Nokia Push project after several guest columns from Push hacker and KAP lover, Ricardo Mendoca Ferreira. Aerial picture taken with a Nokia N8 mobile phone suspended on the line of a kite in Aquiraz, Ceará – […]

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Issue 73: KAP N900 PUSH Project

Hello again, Kitelife readers! Following my very brief KAP (Kite Aerial Photography) introduction article, I present you today a few of my favorite images I managed to create with this technique. Enjoy! Also, after reading, please feel free to discuss and offer your own relevant experiences in this dedicated discussion topic on the Kitelife forum: […]

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Issue 71: KAP N900 PUSH Project

What is KAP? KAP (Kite Aerial Photography) is the art and technique of using large kites to lift cameras and take aerial photographs. It started in 1888, but as one might expect, a few things have changed since then. Advances in electronics brought us digital photography (with lightweight cameras and large capacity memory cards), and […]

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Issue 68: Washington State Intl Kite Festival Gallery

iQuad Night Fly – by Scott Weider Day Shots – by David Shattuck

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Issue 64: Shoot ‘Em!

All around the field at every competition and tournament you will see photographers. Every time a shutter is released the photographer hopes for that one great shot, perhaps one that will make an SKQ cover. Quite often, when the prints come back, the photographer is disappointed. Prints may be dark and underexposed, or those beautiful […]

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Issue 34: AKA Grand Nationals (gallery)

Photos by Scott Weider

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Issue 34: Fighter Kite Market in Ahmedabad, India

Photos by Ralph Resnik

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