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Issue 74: The Story Behind the Photograph

This is a photograph of Jeff Howard at El Mirage in 1998, and I have seen it around the internet for many years now, but do you know the story about how this photograph came about? Andrew Beattie had planning to go to El Mirage in January 98. I found out about this at Berrow […]

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Issue 68: Washington State Intl Kite Festival Gallery

iQuad Night Fly – by Scott Weider Day Shots – by David Shattuck

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Issue 64: Shoot ‘Em!

All around the field at every competition and tournament you will see photographers. Every time a shutter is released the photographer hopes for that one great shot, perhaps one that will make an SKQ cover. Quite often, when the prints come back, the photographer is disappointed. Prints may be dark and underexposed, or those beautiful […]

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Issue 34: AKA Grand Nationals (gallery)

Photos by Scott Weider

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Issue 34: Fighter Kite Market in Ahmedabad, India

Photos by Ralph Resnik

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Issue 33: Kite Photography With A Digital Camera

If you visit the website at the end of this article you can view over 800 pictures of kites and kite related activities. The electronic age has brought to us a couple of great inventions for sharing pictures of whatever subject we choose: the Internet and digital cameras. No longer are we slaves to the […]

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Issue 33: Hanging by a Thread

Craig Wilson, Madison photographer and kite flier will open a new show of his work, called HANGING BY A THREAD; a kite’s view. Craig uses large kites to lift radio controlled cameras for very unique views of the world. This presentation will open November 7, 2003 and run through April 16, 2004 at the EAA […]

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Issue 31: Berkeley Kite Festival (gallery)

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Issue 3: Visual Eyes

Films Filters and Miscellany Before I go into more specifics about setting up shots, I’d like to spend one more column on gear, specifically films and filters. Films may seem like a no-brainer to most, just go in and grab what’s cheap, but there is much more to it than that. Filters, on the other […]

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Issue 1: Visual Eyes

What is probably the thing we kiters do second to flying at a festival? No, not drink. We take pictures of course! The spectacular palette of colors at most kite events rivals the most beautiful rainbows and draws painters and photographers, both kiters and non-kiters. So you want to take incredible kite pictures but don’t […]

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