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Issue 70: Kites… Life.

Sitting alongside my wife, I’m starting this article at 35,000 feet somewhere over Arizona on my way to iQuad’s first major outdoor festival of the year in South Padre Island (TX) and I’m finding myself a little nostalgic so I hope you’ll bear with me, or not, feel free to skip on to the next article […]

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Issue 66: Kites… Life.

It’s always interesting when it comes time for me to write one of these, with so much going on I find myself having trouble distinguishing between personal and “kiting”… Quite frankly, for me, there might not be much distinction. Some semi-random thoughts, observations… Chinese Counterfeits As cited in David Gomberg’s article from our last issue, we’re […]

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Portsmouth UK

Issue 62: Revisions, The UK Edition

As I eluded to within my two articles regarding my trip to the UK, something rather magical came together at both events. When it was first discussed how we would be able to manage large amounts of flyers in megaflys at the two events. We were looking at 40+ flyers for both events and while […]

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Issue 60: REVisions: Megaflys Worldwide!

Well what a pair of months for quad flying it was. I can very safely say that I don’t think I’ve ever had as busy of a time as it’s been, covering roughly 25,000 miles of air travel across 14 flights into 11 different airports across two continents. Phew, my packing skills have received their […]

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Issue 60: iQuad in Japan – Part 1

Last fall at the AKA Grand Nationals in Ocean Shores, John and I were sitting down to breakfast Saturday morning. It was completely awful outside with a downpour coming down, coupled with really high winds. It was a bit of a letdown as we’d wanted to fly the day away, but this being the Pacific […]

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Issue 55: Taming the Bull

In issue 53 of Kitelife, we brought you the Riding the Bull article, an inside report on a 10-day training session held by the Kite Performers group working in some of this years Red Bull Air Races… Now, a look at the first show of the year, launching professional kiting into a previously unknown level […]

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Issue 54: REVisions: Team for Anyone

I’m currently sitting in New York state, trying to decide what to write about while I’m working between the Grand Haven festival and Wildwood, which I leave for a little later on today. Thus, this article of Revisions will end up being a little bit of this, and a little bit of that as opposed […]

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Issue 53: Riding the Bull

I was sitting around the office this past January and got an email from Carl Robertshaw with news about an upcoming project with Red Bull Air Races, developing a specialized kite show in conjunction with their events in 2007… Reportedly reaching a global audience of over two billion people last year through their shows and […]

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Issue 49: REVisions: Team Up!

Apparently, my trip to France in April still hasn’t really left my brain yet. When John and I returned, by the next festival in the Northwest, we were flying as multiline pairs (“Felonious Monk” obviously, I’m the monk-ey…) and we’d started pondering how to put together our own rev team, which came to be called […]

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Issue 48: REVisions: Trip to Quad Heaven

Many years ago, when I first picked up a kite, there were a few magazines that were published on a regular basis. A few things caught my eye in those days, mainly festival reports on the “large” festivals, and any article on Revolutions. I remember at that point reading all about the annual Berck-Sur-Mer festival […]

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