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Issue 70: Kite Plan – Ohashi’s No-Bridle Kites

When is a bridle not a bridle??When it is a single line attached to a single point on a kite. Eiji Ohashi of Japan, known around the world for his kite trains, originally called this design system the “one-bridle kite.” But he reports that kitemaker Reza Ragheb challenged the terminology. “Seeing my kites he said […]

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Issue 49: Multiple Sport Kite Flying

My aim in this article is to share my experience and a learning method about Multiple Sport Kite Flying with you. I hope this will be a useful guide for beginners. Being a pioneer in Argentina for this practice, I consider myself one of those in the world following in the steps of Ray Bethell, […]

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Issue 46: REVisions: Bicycle, Bicycle!

Like riding a Bike… One of the big mysteries for new quad line fliers is how to pinwheel (rotate) the kite in one position without losing height off the ground. It seems like it’d be a pretty straight forward maneuver, since you simply push one thumb forward and it will start to revolve, but your […]

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Issue 46: Applique – How do they do it?

The focus of this article is to help explain with both words and photos just some of the many techniques available to create you very own appliqued kite! This article is intended for people that may have sewn and framed a few kites in the past but have never dared to tackle applique before. I […]

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Issue 43: REVisions… Why Not?

If you are somewhat new to Revolution flying (or, you don’t get out very much with others), you will eventually come across someone’s handles that have multiple knots on the tie points of the handles. At first glance it may look a little pointless, but, with those knots, you can adjust for specific types of […]

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Issue 42: Laminating a Bamboo Spine

There is one aspect of bamboo spines in fighter kites I have never liked. I really like bamboo as a spine material, and I think it is the best spine material available. However, when flying in humid or damp weather, often, the bend I put into my bamboo spine will begin to straighten or sometimes […]

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Issue 40: Milking the Breeze (part 2)

This follow-up article brings us back to the subject of light wind flying techniques, except this time we’ll address how we apply them to your quad line kite! One might imagine that flying a quad line kite in such conditions is harder than doing it with your dual line, but this is not really true… […]

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Issue 39: Milking the Breeze

Now to touch on one of the most challenging aspects of kite flying, light or non-existent wind!  With lighter kites than we’ve ever had before, the only thing that stands in the way of flying are a few straightforward techniques and a bit of practice. This article is targeted more so towards the beginner or […]

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Issue 38: Bruce Lambert’s Tips – Adjusting a fighter kite for optimum performance!

Here’s the goal or objective for adjusting a fighter kite: Adjust the kite so its flight characteristics match, as close as possible, the flyer’s preferences for flight characteristics. NOTE: I define ‘optimum flight performance’ as… the kite performs according to the flyer’s preferred flight characteristics. There is no ‘correct’ or ‘right’ set of flight characteristics; […]

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Issue 38: Tangler Fighter Kite Plans

Specifications   The following method of building a fighter kite works really well for me; it doesn’t require special skills and is reasonably quick, about 2 hours to make a kite. Obviously there are many building methods that result in successful fighter kites, this particular method has worked very well for me for several years […]

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