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Issue 2: Kites….Life…

Greetings! First, we would like to thank you for the great response to the first issue of Kitelife. Traffic to the site was greater than expected, and the dozens of messages of support that we received were very much appreciated. For the first three weeks we have tallied over 100,000 hits on the site. We […]

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Issue 2: Tangents and Trivia

Had a really great time with responses from many of you on Chapter One of Tangents and Trivia. I really had not realized how many people claim to have had me as their “Charlie Moore”. This is very gratifying to learn. I have always believed that it is important to share what you enjoy. That’s […]

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Issue 2: AKA Corner

I am constantly surprised by the number of “kiters”, whether fliers, builders, or just plain kite lovers, who have not gotten around to joining the AKA.  Considering the time and money many of us spend on our hobby, the $25 for a year’s membership seems to me to be a real bargain.  The magazine, insurance, […]

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Issue 2: Fugedaboudit!

Well… Fugedaboudit isn’t even the word ! Kitelife has blown UP ! I’m so happy to see the logical progression of Kiting and the Internet taking shape in this way. I’ve written content for some very popular magazines and kite flying primers, but I must say this is the most fulfilling. <rant on> In order […]

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Issue 2: 4Play

Great!… you came back for a second look.  So, here we go, step two in flying quad line kites in competition.  The most consistent piece of advice I’ve heard and given as a flier and judge in quad competition is simply “make sure to use quad line maneuvers.”  Sounds too simple, but very vague. I’ve […]

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Issue 2: Dave’s World

She’ll be Coming Round the Mountain When She Comes … If you are anything like me, the last thing you could imagine doing is standing up in front of a group of friends and singing. I once told some friends in Japan that I would rather give a speech to 10,000 strangers than sing for […]

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Issue 2: Visual Eyes

Last issue, we discussed the different types of cameras and their pros and cons. This issue, we’ll look at different features that many (but not all) cameras have.  Also, last issue I promised I wouldn’t try to persuade you to buy a new camera. Well, I promise not to persuade in this particular issue, but…(if […]

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Issue 2: Novice Class

Life is good… I have a new kite and like it. Why? Because I made it! I have now sewn two kites and am extremely proud of both. I have an 18″ fighter rokkaku and a 5ft rokkaku in my kite bag, signed by me… Please do not be offended by my statements… I’m not […]

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Issue 2: UK View

Well the first festival of the year has come and gone. We were very lucky; most of the country seemed to be having real problems with the weather, but we sailed on through with just a small snow flurry at the end of the Saturday. The rest of the festival passed with sunshine and wind. […]

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Issue 2: Doin’ it Indoors

After I found out that you don’t use fans for indoor kite flying, I had to research three things: How it is accomplished. What kite to use. Where to fly. These are the basics of indoor kite flying. If this is old news to you, read on anyway…you never know what you might pick up. […]

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