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Issue 3: Kites… Life.

Well, here we are again! Thanks for joining us for the third issue of Kitelife. The last month has been eventful, with Spring in full bloom there are kiting events every weekend to keep track of, and report to you. On the Sweepstakes Entry form, we left a place for you to tell us what […]

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Issue 3: Tangents and Trivia

So, here we go again! Has a month passed already? I’m not sure about the rest of you, but when the spring and summer kiting season begins, time just seems to fly by. Most exciting news since last Tangents is the reunion I had with Charlie Moore after about 10 years. Strangest part of finally […]

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Issue 3: AKA Corner

In our last column, we mentioned a lot of reasons for joining the AKA: the Kiting subscription, store discounts, liability insurance, and membership directory. However, we left off one important reason–eligibility to attend the AKA’s annual convention. This year’s convention will be in Ocean Shores, Washington on October 13-l7. Registration fees will start at around […]

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Issue 3: 4play

They say music soothes the savage beast.  Trust me, a kite zipping through the sky can be just that.  Music makes the flight of our kites make sense.  In precision, we are assigned figures and anything else is simply supposed to be a transition from one move to the next, basically a fancy way of […]

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Issue 3: Visual Eyes

Films Filters and Miscellany Before I go into more specifics about setting up shots, I’d like to spend one more column on gear, specifically films and filters. Films may seem like a no-brainer to most, just go in and grab what’s cheap, but there is much more to it than that. Filters, on the other […]

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Issue 3: Dave’s World

The Great Trilobite Disaster or “In just One Idio-second” After the festival in the United Arab Emirates, I flew directly from the Persian Gulf to Paris with plans to catch the kite bus to the Berck Festival on the coast. It was a terrible flight. My reservations were lost, by the time they were found, […]

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Issue 3: Novice Class

Welcome to Novice Class for June, 1998. I have had the pleasure of attending the Maryland International Kite Exposition and the Wildwood International Kite Festival since submitting my last column to the editor. If you have recently become interested in kiting, you owe it to yourself to attend a large festival, take in the sites, […]

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Issue 3: UK View

Hmmm, jet lag, ZZZZZZZZZZ…… I hate jet lag, but I love doing things that end up with jet lag as the result. Just got back from a trip to the US and boy did I have a good time. I was in the US for a couple of festivals, first I got over to Grandhaven […]

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Issue 3: Doin’ it Indoors

In the last issue I covered some of the basics of indoor kite flying. This issue I will be discussing line and handle selection. Once you have chosen a kite, your next big decision is line. When I first started flying indoors a year ago everyone it seemed was using 50 pound test spectra line. […]

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Issue 3: Kitemaker Profile – Geert Donker Duyvis

I’m Geert Donker Duyvis, born in Delft and still living and flying there. I’ve been a real kiteaholic for years ( in Dutch: vliegeritus). Although my main interest is designing kites which are original and beautiful I’m interested in every aspect of kiteflying, from fighter kites to power kites, and from aerial ballet to aerial […]

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