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Mike Gillard

Issue 20: Kites… Life.

Welcome! Thanks for stopping in for the 20th issue of Kitelife. I sincerely appreciate the support of our readers and sponsors over the last year; and hope that you have the best year yet in 2001. 2000 was a great year for Kitelife. We received 165,345 visits from our readers, who viewed over 612,000 pages. […]

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Issue 20: Dave’s World

I came to Hong Kong last week to take part in the first International Hong Kong Kite Festival. During the opening ceremony, a Chinese marching band led by a man in a kilt played LaBamba. It is one of those poignant and bemusing moments on the international kite circuit that needs to be savored, and […]

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Issue 20: Kitemaker Profile – Scott Hampton 

Hi readers, welcome back to another issue of Kitemaker Profile. This month it is my pleasure to profile a kite maker from Utah, USA – Scott Hampton. I first met Scott at Fort Worden 2000 and then again last November when Scott was the guest international kite maker at Festival of the Winds held in […]

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Issue 20: AKA Corner

I’m delighted to once again be serving as President of the American Kitefliers Association and particularly delighted to be working so closely with our friends at Many of you will recall that I served four earlier terms from 1990 to 1994. Those were exciting, vibrant, active times for the AKA. We peaked with 5000 […]

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Issue 20: Ray’s Adventures

Another France Adventure 4th Air & Wind International Kite Festival 2000 Frejus, France Wow! This was my 3rd fully sponsored trip to the South of France this past kite season. I love performing in France. Their kite festivals are so family-oriented and very well organized, you know what is going on at all times. There […]

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Issue 20: Kite Tails from A Broad

So the season for outdoor flying is over….well at least it is for me. As a completely devoted ‘fair weather flyer’, I wouldn’t be caught dead flying in anything less than sunny and warm windy days! Commitment goes only so far, and I believe that those who fly in anything less than optimum conditions deserve […]

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Issue 20: IMHO – In My Humble Opinion

Well, we made it. The actual New Millennium is here, and the holidays (at last) are behind us. Waddaya know, a new pair of Dockers! And a new tie! Oh, and slippers! Just when mine were beginning to smell worse than the cat! It is truly a curse to be blessed with a family that […]

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Issue 20: Tangents and Trivia

Happy New Year everyone! Well, kitefliers, it’s 2001. We made it over the holiday hill one more time. I ended up a little disappointed this New Year’s Day. I guess that I had the Stanley Kubrick movie (2001: A Space Odyssey) in the back of my mind. I was really looking forward to those cars […]

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Buteo Huang standing in his studio. On the foreground several kites from the super mini kite series are displayed and the Kite-Flying Dutchman is holding a kite shaped like a Lanyu fishing canoe.

Issue 20: How Many Kites Fit in a Train?

Although hardly known in the western kiting society, Buteo Huang from Taiwan is undeniably a renowned master kite builder. The oeuvre of this self-confident man comprises of a stunning two thousand plus unique kite designs! Mainly working with paper and bamboo, this craftsman is rigorous enough to try modern materials like fiberglass and reinforced nylon. […]

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Issue 20: Hot Tricks Shoot-Out

The Battle For King of The Hill Almost everyone agrees that one of the most enjoyable events at the AKA Convention this year was the Hot Tricks Shoot-Out. The HTSO was set up by Darrin Skinner, a no-holds barred head-to-head competition. The contest was set up like a typical tournament ladder, in which the winner […]

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