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Issue 31: From the Editor

Welcome to the 31st issue of KL! With a jump of nearly 6,000 visitors from June to July and a growing archive of videos and more, we plan on continuing our growth and expansion of services… Fueled by a change in ownership (see Kites…Life), Kitelife Magazine has moved it’s offices from Ohio to Oregon in an […]

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Issue 31: Kites… Life.

The Finale (for now, anyway) – From our founder! Someone famous once said…. ah hell…. I forget what it was. But it must have been a good saying to sum up the bittersweet feelings I have right now as I pass the Kitelife torch of ownership to my good friend and partner John Barresi. Me […]

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Issue 31: AKA Corner

Fliers that have been to a national convention understand. So here is an invitation to all of you who have never been able to join us. AKA will gather in Dayton Ohio, September 29 to October 4th. Spend a week at the greatest kite gathering in North America. Come join us! Then you will understand […]

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Issue 31: Team Tirades – Be Wise, Organize!

This is the first of what will hopefully be a regular, ongoing column in future issues of Kitelife. In issue 30 we touched on some highlights of team flying and some of the ways to go about it… In each following Team Tirade I’ll expound or expand on some team psychology, flying techniques, equipment tips, […]

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Issue 31: Dave’s World

April 28th – China Kite Tour Yesterday was a remarkable day. Susie and I sat on a step of the Great Wall halfway up the side of a mountain. The Wall snaked away below us and off toward the horizon. The sun shone down from an uncharacteristically blue sky. And for as far as the […]

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Issue 31: Of Royalty and Friends

You got a favorite Kite? No, not that new one you bought a couple of months ago – an OLDER favorite? You know the one I’m talking about… The one you keep hidden in the bottom of your kite-bag – the one you swear you’ll never sell… – It might be the kite you took […]

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Issue 31: Rum N’ Max

A friend who lives about forty miles north of San Antonio, Texas sent me a fine email a few weeks back. Rum is one of those nice, older fellers, sorta retired like me, and we’re both kite fliers. We also share some service time with Uncle Sam, a love of country life, and a willingness […]

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Issue 31: Crossing Lines

Most kite flyers don’t like to cross lines. It seems inconsiderate, or at least a little embarrassing, unless you’re flying a fighter kite, in which case you have license to do it. In fact, crossing lines is the whole point of fighter competitions in North America, where cutting line is the equivalent of an assault […]

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Issue 31: The UK Buggy Race Scene

I know that some U.S. Buggy Powerkiters have been some what… Well, baffled watching the past 6 months of UK e-mails in relation to our Buggy race series! Well they are not the only ones? To set the scene 10 months ago, in September 2002, the UK ParaKart Association (PKA) was preparing to host the […]

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Issue 31: Soul Flying

Have ever had the hair on the back of your neck stand on end watching someone fly, particularly their ballet? Well, today I’m writing about that experience from both the flier’s standpoint as well as the general spectator… Granted, these are perspectives drawn from my own unique experiences, observations, and philosophies. I could never tire […]

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