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2004 Washington State International Kite Festival – Day 8

This has been a truly amazing festival, and I’m sorry to say that this is the last day… However, despite continuing rain this morning there were more than a few dedicated fliers out at the beach! As we were preparing to leaver there were a couple of single lines and stunters braving the weather, including […]

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2004 Washington State International Kite Festival – Day 7

Saturday opened with the classic fog often found in the Northwest, with my money on it clearing up later in the afternoon… I was only partly right. Team TKO flew and practiced for a little while along the water, their rainbow New Tech Jams standing out clearly in the muggy weather… In the meantime, fliers […]

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2004 Washington State International Kite Festival – Day 6

We’re headed into the weekend here at WSIKF, Friday morning greeted us with thick sea fog and good breezes… While not ideal weather, it was strangely enjoyable watching the highest kites ghosting in and out of view! Events kicked off today with the Junior Dual Control Competition run by Mike and Teri Huff on field […]

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2004 Washington State International Kite Festival – Day 5

Here we are for yet another glorious day of kite flying! Comprehensive kite making competition began today, with some truly amazing entries judged in sixteen categories and three skill levels… Weather was a little chilly early on, but as the day went on the sun came out and enticed people to come on out with […]

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2004 Washington State International Kite Festival – Day 4

And then the winds came… After a couple of the wonderful pastries and some coffee over at the local favorite Cottage Bakery, I headed over to field amidst an intermittant fine sprinkle and an overcast sky… While it wasn’t raining, it was a bit chilly and a touch wet with strong winds right off the […]

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2004 Washington State International Kite Festival – Day 3

Wowee! Things are starting to build, showing even greater promise for the coming weekend. Early in the morning Larry Kellis held a kite photography workshop for anyone who was interested. Today they also held the “Club Camps” competition, with the various camps being judged on overall banner and kites displays… The main field was filled […]

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2004 Washington State International Kite Festival – Day 2

Events are underway!  We got up this foggy morning at 6am to make sure we secured decent parking a sweet spot at the field… We’re staying the Super 8, which is graciously owned and operated by Jane and Roger Holman with the help of Lorna (mom) and an able bodied staff… Jane is a very […]

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2004 Washington State International Kite Festival – Day 1

“Well, as long as I’m here…” After a two hour drive from Portland with my old buddy Troy Gunn, we arrived in Long Beach sometime around 10am… A bit too early for check in, so we headed over towards the main drive to the beach and found World Kite Museum’s Director Kay Buesing who gave […]

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