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Issue 34: From the Editor

Here we are for another issue of KL… Even with a cold winter and minimal flying in our own area, we’re still ticking strong thanks to the support we’ve received from our readers all over the world!  We also would like to extend our deepest and warmest gratitude to Jorge Beltrán from Colombia, proud winner […]

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Issue 34: Dave’s World

Late Saturday night, Susie and I returned to the snow and rain. Our week in Florida had been a non-stop whirlwind of business and friendships. Isn’t it great when you can combine the two! Each January, the kite industry gathers for an exhibition of all the newest and most interesting kites and accessories. The manufacturers […]

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Issue 34: AKA Corner

Elsewhere in this issue, I’ve written about the annual gathering of the Kite Trade Association and the excitement of new products and old friends at the Trade Show. Having just returned from a week focused on kite business, it seems appropriate to consider the special relationship we enjoy between the manufactures, designers, retailers, and fliers […]

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Issue 34: Team Tirades – Pairs Flying: The Wright Approach

Having spent a fair amount of time on the competition field with Ari, we were interested to learn from his perspectives… As well as share them with our readers. Disclaimer from the author: No one on earth has a corner on the truth. The following ideas and approaches work best for me. There are many […]

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Issue 34: Letters to the Editor

When you browse the pages of Kitelife there is quite a bit that happens to put these pages online… One of the most important aspects is the letters we receive from our readers regarding format, content, as well as those seeking social and promotional information about kite flying… Here are a few of the most […]

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Issue 34: Thoughts for the Winter Months

So you’re sitting home these days. It’s overcast and freezing out, and the snow is a foot deep on your flying fields, and the winds are next to nothin’ anyway – right? But you still want to go fly! You’ve already repaired all the broken spars, replaced all the marginal stand-offs and crumpled nocks, and […]

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Issue 34: Day With a Master

I arrived in Mumbai/Bombay at 8am on Thursday morning [Jan 8], two days ahead of the rest of the group. After arrival i found out that there were two other Israeli kite fliers … Eli and Shula Shavit [guests at WSIKF 2002] … we’d been sitting 15 rows away from each other without knowing it. […]

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Issue 34: Virtual Kite Makers Retreat

In our ongoing mission to gather and present useful concepts or programs to the larger kiting body, we received this interesting email from Todd Little of the Keystone Kiters… Bear in mind, this is published a little late due to our scheduled release dates for KL. A few kite enthusiasts are putting together a virtual […]

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Issue 34: Logo a Go Go

We couldn’t help but unveil the new logo early, as you can clearly see it in place at KL… As we’re ever evolving, it somehow seemed appropriate. Some of our entrants put in a fair amount of work into their submissions and while they were not ultimately selected, were still appreciated at first sight. Thank […]

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Issue 34: Uttarayan Kite Festival in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Upon receiving an invitation to attend this event, we went back and forth on the idea due to the simplicity and minimal information about schedule and other invitees… After some debate, we decided to accept with the condition that plane tickets be sent first, rather than being reimbursed for them later. As I was preparing […]

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