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Issue 35: From the Editor

The picture at left shows yours truly (on right) sampling some single line in Malaysia, with my good friend Asghar Belim from India… Despite the fact I’ve been traveling the USA flying kites since 1990, international travel has always been somewhat elusive until this year.  Having redefined myself in the last three years from sport […]

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Issue 35: AKA Corner

Happy Kite Month, Everyone! This year our “month” runs from March 27 to May 2nd. That’s because AKA always strives to give you a little something extra — in this case, two extra weekends. And for 2004, we are proud to have Into the Wind as our primary sponsor. If you haven’t had a chance […]

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Issue 35: Dave’s World

Sequestered in a hundred year old Army post at the extreme northwest tip of the United States, hundreds of kite craftsman gather each March to share ideas, techniques, designs, and technology at the Fort Worden Kitemakers Retreat. It’s been going on more than 20 years now and the results are quite remarkable. We are all […]

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Issue 35: Letters to the Editor

When you browse the pages of Kitelife there is quite a bit that happens to put these pages online… One of the most important aspects is the letters we receive from our readers regarding format, content, as well as those seeking social and promotional information about kite flying… Here are a few of the most […]

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Issue 35: Crazy Eddy

Hello…  No, I’m not opening a used car dealership. In fact, I’m a kitebuilder. My name is Terry Thillmann and I live in Calgary, Canada. Crazy Eddy is (will be) an arch of kites made and contributed to by people from all over North America, and maybe even the world. This, and the following, article […]

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Issue 35: Empty Spaces – Larry Brown

This winter here in the Pacific Northwest we said final goodbye”s to another kiteflyer and all-around great guy Larry Smith. Larry fought a very brave battle with cancer for many months. Aside from being a kiteflyer, kite festival organizer, Larry was a husband and kite flying partner to Debbie Smith, They flew as ballet pairs […]

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Issue 35: Starting Over

More often than not, people involved in kiting go through phases or fall into cyclical trends. I’ve seen it over and over, both in myself and in others, and it generally takes several years before we settle down into a more “sane” approach to kiting (assuming there is such a thing). For some folks, that […]

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DCF 1.0

Issue 35: On-Line Kite Project 1.0 – Della Porta recently presented a very new and encouraging variation on the traditional kite building workshop. Bringing together over 80 registrants from around the world into a single on-line forum, Arnold Stellema created a true Virtual Classroom. Using which, we built a Della Porta kite. Steve Ferrel, the owner/operator of Kite Studio and’s Online Forums […]

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Issue 35: Conyne Kite Celebration

The World Kite Museum is sponsoring a Conyne Kite (and its derivatives) Celebration Friday, May 14, 2004. Why such an inconvenient time you are asking? It takes awhile to explain…  The Kite Museum is located in the neighborhood of the Lewis and Clark’s first seeing the Pacific Ocean. In fact during their 18 day stay […]

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Issue 35: Call for Literate Kiters

Well, shucks, folks. John (your Kitelife publisher) is apparently a little too proper to scream “HELP!!!” or something! Well, nobody’s ever accused me of being too shy – at least not when it comes to the printed page. So – WE NEED YOU!!! Yup, there’re open slots right here at Kitelife for people just like […]

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