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Photo by Dan Whitney

Issue 37: From the Editor

Welcome to another issue of Kitelife, we’ve done our best to gather a wide variety of subjects and authors to best represent the various aspects of kiting… As I wander through various articles submitted for each issue, I can’t help but find my own interests broadening… Although a long time sport kite junkie, I’ve been […]

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Issue 37: AKA Corner

Hello Kitefliers! The AKA has just opened a new online Forum available to both members and also non-members. Check out KiteTalk on the AKA site. Have a question about competition, or why AKA does things a particular way? Here’s your chance to raise an issue or propose a change. There are general topic sections covering […]

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Issue 37: Dave’s World

The reporter, in a bushy gray beard, John Deere baseball cap, and one eye-patch, leaned toward me with a question. “Why is gusty wind a problem?” he asked. “It comes and goes” I replied. “And what is that like?” he continued. “It is like when a hammer comes and goes on a nail” I responded. […]

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Issue 37: Tools of the Trade by Al Stroh

When my brother and I were growing up, our father was fairly adept at building things (mostly out of wood). Nothing elaborate or particularly inspiring and a lot of his projects revolved around repairing things that either wore out or were broken by my brother and I (while horsing around). My mother grew vegetables in […]

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Issue 37: We’re on a roll!

We’re ON A ROLL, pilots!!! Yep, BIG Kitelife Doin’s… Kitelife’s growing again… You may have noticed some of the changes on the way in here… “IF” you’re a Kitelife subscriber, there’s a new benefit available to you… How’d you like 100 megabytes of photo albums out there for you on Kitelife’s site? – FOR FREE! […]

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Photo by Mike Woodward

Issue 37: Confessions of a KGB Addict

My name is William, I am 31 years old, and I am an addict. If I see the slightest movement in the trees I find myself drawn to a field or a hard packed beach. I am a kite groundboarder. I grew up in the 80’s on skateboards and snowboards spending my free time trying […]

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Issue 37: Kite Classifieds

Enabling you, the flier, to buy and sell used kites and paraphernalia… That’s what Kite Classifieds has always been all about. Nothing more, nothing less. Put your used kites up for sale, search for used kites on the internet… Simply put, Kite Classifieds (KC) offers a great way for buyers and sellers of used kiting […]

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Issue 37: Crazy Eddy 2

Hi! Welcome to part two of my Crazy Eddy kite arch project. If your just tuning in, check out ‘Crazy Eddy‘ to read part one in issue 36 of Kitelife. The initial Crazy Eddy kite arch is now complete. Bigger, brighter, and in triplicate to boot. To refresh, Crazy Eddy was going to be a […]

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Issue 37: Kite Flying and its Importance

Kite flying is an old and regular feature in almost all developed as well as in developing countries. Countries like USA, UK, France, Germany, Japan etc., are regularly conducting International Kite Flying Competitions and Workshops on kites every year. Moreover, in some countries kite related events are celebrated every month. In India, Panjab can boast […]

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Issue 37: Kites on the Internet

Since the internet has become more accessible to the global populace and web design software is more user friendly than ever, we’re seeing more connections and friends being made within our pastime than ever… Clubs, sport kite teams, kite makers, stores, performers, festivals, and even general everyday enthusiasts are building their own sites with all […]

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