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2005 World Sport Kite Championships – Day 4

“Easing into the day” is always my favorite way to start one… but it was tough getting started on this one. Something about “Up Too Late” last night, and “Too Much To Do” today, I guess… Anyway, there was no getting around it – Today was the end of the World Sport Kite Championships, and […]

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2005 World Sport Kite Championships – Day 3

Thursday broke bright and clear – and without a whisper of wind! We went showered, dressed, and through our morning coffee ritual and then made lunch sandwiches and headed for the field. It’s nice to be early to events like this, and we were in plenty of time for the 10:00 am start time. We’d […]

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2005 World Sport Kite Championships – Day 2

Morning broke with light overcast, and we discovered Team Atemoc right outside our window. The actual comp field is a couple of miles from our hotel, so after moring coffee we hopped in the van and arrived at the flying field about 15 minutes before the 10:00 am starting time. Everyone was decidedly up-beat and […]

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2005 World Sport Kite Championships – Day 1

Today’s event kicked off with team warmups on the competition field from 9:00am to 12pm, with each team being given up to 2 minutes to move onto the field, then a full 10 minutes of practice, and up to 2 minutes to make their way off so the next team in order could move on […]

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2005 World Sport Kite Championships – Day 0

We’re underway here in beautiful Lincoln City, Oregon!  We actually arrived at about 11:30 on Sunday, and our room wasn’t ready yet.  What to do? Well, first it was off to the field behind Chinook Winds Casino where this years competition will be held. Sporting a neatly mowed lawn and brand new fence, the field […]

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