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Issue 46: From the Editor

Out of the winter doldrums and into full swing of the 2006 kite season… Having covered the KTAI show in FL, and returning again for the SASKC a couple days ago I must say, I’m absolutely beat and I have the photo to prove it! Seriously though, this has been a great start and I’m […]

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Issue 46: AKA Corner

If you are a member of a kite club, the group can affiliate with the AKA for free. And where I come from, we’re fond of saying that free is a very good price. All that is involved for a local club to affiliate with the national organization is to fill out a form and […]

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Issue 46: Dave’s World: KTAI

We’re traveling home today from sunny Florida where we’ve spent the past week at the Kite Trade Association convention and trade show. Sorry to be updating you a bit late in the week. Early projections suggested that participation would be lower at the show this year. And as it turns out, we did indeed have […]

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Issue 46: Drachen Foundation Archives

Is a replicate Blue Hill Box kite part of the DF Archive? No. The recently built kite actually hangs at the Museum of Science, Boston. But the DF Archive contributed crucially to the kite’s construction, and the experience of Chuck Donaldson (right) illustrates how kite makers can benefit from Drachen’s archive. Engineer Chuck Donaldson, working […]

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Issue 46: Letters to the Editor

We don’t hear from our visitors HARDLY enough, and are always thrilled to post comments when we get them… It’s your feedback that helps us streamline, and gives us additional insight into what we do here. I couldn’t begin to express how important your comments are, and I’d like to personally invite each and every […]

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Issue 46: REVisions: Bicycle, Bicycle!

Like riding a Bike… One of the big mysteries for new quad line fliers is how to pinwheel (rotate) the kite in one position without losing height off the ground. It seems like it’d be a pretty straight forward maneuver, since you simply push one thumb forward and it will start to revolve, but your […]

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Issue 46: Empty Spaces – Al Hargus III

On December 10th, Al Hargus III passed away while in front of his computer, no doubt working his next historical contribution to the GWTW forum or some other area of kiting… Only a couple days before, he had posted the following on his personal blog: Beautiful friend This is the end My only friend, the […]

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Issue 46: Applique – How do they do it?

The focus of this article is to help explain with both words and photos just some of the many techniques available to create you very own appliqued kite! This article is intended for people that may have sewn and framed a few kites in the past but have never dared to tackle applique before. I […]

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Issue 46: A Modest Proposal to Change the World

In the last issue of Kitelife (#45) there is an excellent letter from Terry “TeeCee” Cornell about the problem of few or no spectators at sport kite competitions. Terry makes some very good points. Here is my take on the situation. First we have to recognize that there are two distinct kinds of kite festivals. […]

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Issue 46: Betty’s Last Convention

This was Betty’s 14th convention; Her first was an impromptu, impulsive thing to attend the Jacksonville, FL convention. Being new I suggested she volunteer at the registration table. No better way to meet everyone. It rained most of the week but the hotel lobby-bar brought everyone to a central area and it was the best […]

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